Friday, October 13, 2017


This band was only famous for their split with Funeral diner (They basically had their 2 second of emo fame for that split) other than that the band fell to abyss. Fucking strange how every blogspot that introduces this split never bothered covering this band considering they did a split with a more well known average emo attire band like FD. The band also released a 2 song self titled 7" which is fucking amazing but a fuck ton of shame no one bothered ripping this one for me 9 years ago to get. So I found myself a 2 dollar copy and ripped the son of bitch. Sleeves on this one is amazing along with its insert. But it is one of those short lived bands I don't think anyone will remember them for besides that split. For what its worth the 7 songs are worthwhile, we have seen short discographies from bands up here so it isn't amusing to see Staircase being on that obscure list. I remember listening to their songs off the split in which led me wonder if anything else by them existed, I was really hoping a large discography of at least 3 more splits and 2 LP's. But nah the band left 2 more songs besides those 5.

Staircase 7" (Funeral diner split tracks included)

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Hundred years war

While stumbling on vinyl I couldn't find on mp3 Hundred years war kinda stood out for a while for me. Curious Gio as fuck I decided to go with the bands self released split 7" and the bands only LP. I was actually surprised what I got myself into. It's some pretty good hardcore/screamo that does a little instrumental here and there too as well. A bit of a experiment type of band sort of speak. The screams go into a slight Jeromes dream kinda. It is the closest I can describe but technically speaking it isn't to that extend. Maybe at a medium of The truth about dreaming? But it's sorta in between there. I did like the expectations for the LP just a shame it was one of those bands I had to find for myself. But because i found it I will share it out to the rest of you. It is indeed a forgotten emotive hardcore band that just drifted on between 1999-2000. They left a pretty short discography though. 2 splits and the LP. The last release being the split with Tem Eyos Ki has a little metal Jeromes dream sound. This was the only available song I was able to hear which got me very curious for The lidless eye LP.

Hundred Years War/Shere Khan Split 7"

The lidless eye 12"

Sunday, October 1, 2017


I am ready to do some posts for October, anyone else ready? So about back in summer the 90s emotive hardcore band Plunger did a kickstarter to fund for a CD box set and it was pretty successful which was released under Vermin Scum records. A week ago I received my copy of the box set, 300 were made which includes re-master of most of their songs broken down into 2 CD's. CD 1 has the bands 2 split 7"s, the first self titled 7" and the bands LP (My favorite one). CD 2 includes the bands demo tape plus a 2nd version of one of the songs from the demo along with the 2 compilation tracks they did. CD 3 contains about 2 home recordings and the rest being live sets. Not only is it just these 3 CD's but this box set comes with a live DVD. YES! I honestly bought this mainly to hear the songs re-mastered and to watch the DVD. I am a big fan of discography CD's for the most part. While discography LP's or cassettes are among pretty decent, CD's is the way to get the party started. There are a lot of pros to talk about. One being there is a booklet and lyrics to every song, the re-masters are amazing and the fact this classic ass band decided to put this out is just outstanding. Never in a million years did I think this band would ever put a discography out. Anyways, the band began sometime in 1993 straight out of Maryland. They put out a 9 song cassette that has a punk fit mainly. From there they slowly evolved to what Plunger sounds like Plunger. Not to mention but Vermin Scum records put out this sweet discography. While I don't have any major complains one of the smallest I can think of are the CD sleeves. I have had bad luck with those sort of CD sleeve styles. Taking them out every now and then causes them to get scratched so I ended up putting them in some plastic sleeve so no damage to the CD's can be done. Another minor complain was that Swallowtale (My favorite), Enfolded by plains and Handed (Another of my favorites) were ripped through the vinyl so its the only 3 that were kinda re-mastered but it isn't as clear. I do happen to have very clearer quality versions of these 3 though, but it is what it is. So the set is included with a booklet a insert on some little details about the CD's and DVD and a second insert with lyrics to the demo and comp tracks. Overall this is a pretty exciting release a lot of people slept on. Even I did at the end of the kickstarter. This sure ass hell is one release that is one to talk about for a good while. Maybe one day I will post whatever is on the DVD up on youtube but I am very lazy to do all of that so for now I leave you guys the 3 CD set separated 'cause I pretty much ripped it to 320 kbps. But if you have a chance to pick up this box set I highly recommend it getting one for your library, it is the best thing that happened this year.

Vinyl discography

Demo, Compilation , & Unreleased Tracks

Live & Home Demos

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Bladine Cosima

Here is the last post for September. I rounded up some bands to talk about for October along with November and December. Here lies another obscure band 99% of you were not aware of. This band caught my attention when I saw this 7" being released by Sanguine records (Same label that released the Portrait 10" record) so this band... Yeah its one of those buy and convert to mp3 (again) I was pretty curious what the fuck I got myself into and so I heard the band and I was a bit surprised how this bands only 3 song 7" turned out. I dislike doing the "this sounds like..." posts but this shit sounds like Cap'n jazz and Drive like Jehu. So if you like that shit you will fuck to this. The first song has a Cap feel while the second song is more slower and acoustic like. 3rd song on side B goes in between Cap and Drive which was kinda interesting I suppose (pretty over done) seems like a lot of bands liked Drive like Jehu since Arm and Calabash case did the same style too in the mid 90's. Since this is the bands only release I am glad it wasn't overly done or even existed long to get me tired of this shit. Anyways, this 7" is neat since its enough to get the point across. Members were in a band called Water and Caffiend in the early 90's before Bladine. This 7" was released sometime in '96 so members already had some band experience. I liked the bands manila sleeve. It's one of those manila covers glued with the artwork. There is even a nice looking insert with this 7". While I am not a huge fan of Cap'n Jazz I dig this bands influence. But yeah, I think you kids will like this one.

Bladine Cosima 7"

Monday, September 18, 2017

Battle royale

So oddly I made a post about this band like a year ago and it's been removed? don't know what in the fuck happened. Anyways, Battle royale were a sweet band that put a few EP's and a split LP. Band had some dynamic formation between their short releases. I do find the 4 songs off the split LP very memorable and a extremely catch while the second last release "4 songs" reminded me of Innards a little which was a good way to almost end things. Good bands end too soon and we should all know this by now. It is always going to be the good bands that do so little. This discography tape is pretty nice and the closest physical release you will get from them besides their only vinyl release from like 2011/12? I think. It is a total roller coaster playing this on my portable tape player. I think some members went on to form some heavy sounding band afterwards but I couldn't get into it. The tape may still be for sale and as for the quality it is pretty average, not too bad nor not too overly high quality. Pretty meh honestly. Show all your friends this awesome band (I would honestly say the 4 songs EP and the four off the split are like the raddest ones)

Discography tape

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Her way

Some rant
I will try to keep up with this blogspot. These days I feel like its dead even though I post up here. Just to me I feel like there is no point of sometimes having this one running. There are not a lot of active blogspots these days. Seems like these days everyone uses tumblr (which I think it is the absolute worst way to talk about bands up there) I might be one of the few 20-30 active blogspots around that are in the emo dimension. I am not certain how I feel about having this blogspot running for next year. Perhaps all of next year may rap up everything as far as the emo glossary. I do feel like I have covered most bands no ones done yet, I spent a shit load of money on finding these records (which thank fuck I have these) Sometimes I get teenagers telling me "Why bother buying records when you can download them for free" well who are you downloading them from? from people like me who post them up. To me I feel like emo is dead and it crippled itself when weird pop "twinkly" indie bands went on to title themselves as the new generation of emo. While there are a good few active emo bands that are emo I can't help to think about the ugly fan boy faces of American football nerds who are overly obsessed and make memes on "what's the emoest" type of shitposts. It went far back to a point that emo no longer has a meaning but is just rather "being sad about cheesy shit bands like American football" (if that band was ever emo to begin with) while I do keep this blogspot active for most folks who like the genre lately I have pushed myself away from the scene to the point where on my top 2017 album list at least 9 of the releases are not even emo. It is pretty sad to see the ending time of such a amazing genre that helped me out along my teenage years and it wasn't all about narcissist comments or about "How emo of a fuck boi am I" Maybe I am ahead of myself and perhaps I do not want to admit that my emo phase is done, while I have been looking more forward to the french house/disco house/future funk scene that is being much more new with a lot of artists coming up with singles every week emo might just be too dead for me? Of course I still rock my Jerome's dreamo, Portrait shirts and even my Toru Okada hoodie but it's just been a sad feeling on how emo is just turning out up on top of the view from the hill I am standing. I am happy that there are people who appreciate what I do and the fact is that is what pushes me to get off my ass and take time to reevaluate these bands. Anyways, here is another band I am sure none of you ever heard. Isn't it exciting?

Her way
Another obscure find I got for like 4 dollars I think on discogs from my boy Ross Martin again. A good handful of records I have posted here over the past 2 years are ones I have purchased from that guy.
I hardly have any info on these guys. This was one of those "Buy before you listen cause boy you gotta convert this to mp3" so I gave this a listen and I really enjoyed the surprise. This band was from Memphis, TN. There are 2 versions of this LP a regular press and the one I have which is a cardboard cover spray painted limited to 20. I was lucky to get # 6. Her way is a pretty standard lovey emo band that recorded this record in early 1998 and released later in 1998. I am pretty sure the band broke up right before the show release for this band due to the fact in the insert it says "Her way was and will always be" but that's just a hypothesis. 7 songs were made and they are all pretty good. June again would be my favorite though. That is as much as I can gather of the info on this band. Lucky bastards for running into this record and finally shedding some light so it can get the emo credit it deserves. I will say I was hoping to see some lyrics but the insert barely covers any info besides the band members names and the thanks they give. The band has a similar sound of a early and much better tune of The promise ring along the lines with Pop unknown or something like that. Soft poppy "emo" shit but I will give Her way a emo pass. Besides it's just 7 songs. It does good for having a short discography you won't get bored of.

Her way 12"

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


This band is among one of the rare 90s emo obscure class types due to its short existence, the band was active between September 3rd 1994 up to like May 23rd 1995 I think. The band was from San Jose, California and out about 4-5 shows throughout their existence. 5 songs were made (A very short discography) the songs were way later recorded. 4 of them were put out as a posthumous 10" release on Tree records in 1996, the record was called Erasmia Pulcella. There was also a UK press of this but notably known as a self titled 10", 175 were pressed under Simba recordings. Tree records pressed 1,000 of these. The instruments for the 10" were recorded in a living room while the vocals were done out in a backyard (You can kinda hear a dog barking in one of the tracks) the recording process of this record is one of a kind and hella memorable due to its 5 few songs. To break it down the band mixes up their style from slow emo narrative vocals to a Ettil Vrye screamo-esque. The 4 songs are just fucking flawless, very lengthy but definitely not boring at all. September will always be remembered and are really fucking worthy to download or even buy the record if you see the chance on discogs (As of this post there are 3 copies being sold in the US and one in Sweden)
The tempo switches around and its a amazing early/mid classic emo piece. It makes me wish more of these bands were around. I can kinda see how this band might have later influenced bands like The lazarus plot, Ettil Vrye, Kolya or even Reiziger and The sea, the sea.

Erasmia Pulcella 10" (Love is a dog from hell compilation song included)

Friday, September 1, 2017


I am back and before I start with Dolcim members of Cease upon the capitol were also in another band called The baldwin mass suicide in which Thisendlessbreath covered a while back. I recommend checking that out.
After the ending of Cease upon the capitol members went on to form this band from 2008-2010 (or 2011). The band seems to sound similar to the last Cease release with a lot of echo/tremolo added on the guitar. About a EP, 2 full lengths and 2 splits were done under Dolcim. To me this band seems a bit more interesting sounding especially with the bands first full length. There isn't much to be said since it's pretty much Cease with a new name. I am Casper and Guillotine ride are the best releases in my opinion.

I am Casper EP

Guillotine ride

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cease upon the capitol

This is a screamo/posty rock band from Nashville that existed from 2004-2007 or 2008. They released a bunch of stuff over the years. In the end they released a 2 cassette discography which is pretty decent. But yeah these guys released a ton of stuff. The 2007 untitled EP (being the final release) has a more post rock element, or at least to me. The discography tape comes with some bonus digital mp3's which were some demos and live songs (total running to 52 songs) besides the discography tapes I also ran into the bands 2006 untitled CD. Other than that these are the only 2 physical stuff I have on these guys. Overall this band is the very standard of screamo/hardcore. The tapes both sound pretty good although its too lengthy and can take a lot of time to finish them both and in between my listens I end up taking a break from my cassette player because it is too long. If you run into this discography be sure to pick one up. The file I uploaded is the exact same file I got from the download code. Comes with a bonus pfd from the tape and stuff, so yeah this is a pretty neat download for all you guys. It is a big file, 350 mb.

2004-2007 Discography

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Lurking is a band that has one guy from that band Arizona Wilder (Who made a split with Alta) Lurking released a 5 song self titled EP tape under Skeletal lightning. While I enjoyed this EP a lot last year I decided to purchase it recently. I was disappointed by the lack of quality of the tape. The sound is extremely low and only one headphone can be heard from the sound. It is a real shame to deduct points on Skeletal lightning for releasing such a bad quality tape. While the band is so great this physical release is just one of the worst tapes I have. Being that said download the EP. It is really good.

Lurking. EP

Eva ras

Eva Ras is a loud noisey lo fi version of Orchid from Serbia. It's a project run by Filip who runs Confusion specialist records. He has done about a demo, a s/t, a split called "enjoy life to this" and I believe another compilation and split he has put out under his label. Considering these were homeade dubs the quality of the tapes especially on the demo tape were very clear on my tape player. While some songs came in as too noisy I enjoyed that demo tape a lot. It has that gold quality sound. So if you dig that low fi noisey sounding screamo stuff Eva Ras is up to your game.



Commuovere/Eva Ras/Te lloraria un puto rio/Fei Lung/Unable to fully embrace this happiness "Enjoy life to this" 4 way split

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The anchorite four

So I am back with August now, this time around I'll mix it up a bit. So I did plastic smile records in May while I did Off cloud nine between June and July along with Coercion in July too. Today I present you a band from the early 00's known as The anchorite four. This band reminds me of the early On the might of princes. The band was from Florida lasting up to 2004 I believe. This band is one of the rare instances that put out a 21 track debut album. That's right. 21 song Self titled that was self released by them as a CDr. The closest actual release of theirs comes from the bands second album called "Remove the chassis" I do feel a much better progression of the band as they moved away from the pop like sound from some songs off the self titled. Remove the chassis is more matured out and well written. Even at times it has some mathy notes added between a few songs. This seems to be the only album that was released by a label. The band did record a 7 track EP "If you want us to stay together I feel bad for you son, we got 99 problems but a band ain't one" (What a long EP title) well it almost progresses the same as Remove the chassis. The EP was recorded in 2006 which I am not entirely sure if the band was still a band considering Remove the chassis was released sometime in 2003. That pretty much brings up to the conclusion. The band did not released much but considering they made about 39-40 songs since the self titled is like 2 albums worth they did quite a lot during their existence. I was able to snag a copy of the CD through BEAR records that still had a mint sealed of Remove the chassis. I liked what I heard and I think they belong here to be remembered for what they did.

Self titled

Remove the chassis

If you want us to stay together I feel bad for you son, we got 99 problems but a band ain't one EP

Sunday, July 30, 2017

AEN Update

I have plenty of stuff to go over this year and next year, I will be throwing a lot of underrated emo gems at you guys. Anyways, I wanted to add some small news. If you don't know I will be doing video reviews of some of the records I have added here to get a more visual review than a blogspot. I will continue to post here but as well I recommend subbing to my youtube channel (Link is on the right side of this page) besides reviews I will add releases up there too. I really want to get active here and there on this stuff. I have done a few vlogs but I don't see myself doing a whole bunch of those though. Maybe like once a while but my main focus will be on reviews. SO far I did a short easy review on Angel falls Music on vinyl 7" I will do about 2 others in August. Be sure to check them out. Cheers.

Here is a jam I have been listening to all day today

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bring our demise

There hasn't been much going on with me this month. I've been feeling a bit more positive with things in life as of now. Been trying to keep myself stress free with life and all. So this is something Nolan is currently working on as of now, this is pretty much where it is at. He began with this project in spring 2016 and released a 2 song demo tape under "Demonstration" I fell in love with his new project that has some metalcore yet some little screamo lingering. After some length of time he released a second 2 song demo tape which has a better progression of the first demo tape. I fell in love with it so bad that I ended up buying almost everything under Bring our demise. The second demo tape just has so much passion built around it. Right now he is working on a song for a compilation and stated he will work on a EP for this fall so I see about maybe 4-6 songs later this year. I am very hyped for his new band right now and to me this is all that really matters next to Secret smoker's upcoming LP+Heavy mantle and if Innards ever releases their full length. The second demo tape was released under another label Nolan works on called Heal which all profits helps with animals. Being such a big cause I really do recommend picking both cassettes or at least the second demo tape from Nolan. You can pick it up here I won't post the second demo tape on here just yet. I rather have you guys support this one since it goes to animal shelters and such.


Atrocities Against the Environment and Life

Friday, July 21, 2017


July has been one of the least active times for this blogspot this year but I am back with another post. After Nolan no longer continuing with Off cloud nine and The truth about dreaming. He began with another label under Coercion cassettes. This time he focused on another sort of genre. He began working on a project under XEradicateX and released 2 demo tapes Vengeance is just and Conflict of kill or reason between late 2015 and early 2016. He then compiled both demo tapes into one making a 5 song EP entitled "End the suffering" It has a little thrash sound to it. Don't expect any type of XttadX on this release. It is something new Nolan attempts and I feel like he succeeds. I don't think he continued to go back to XEradicateX since it's been a year since. But if you like any of Nolan's projects you sure ass hell will like his new stuff on Coercion. You can pick up this tape here

End the suffering EP

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I am back again my dudes. So let me present you with this short lived band. Yes a short lived band. Grayson existed between 2002 and yep. That whole year was when they were around. The band released a tour EP called "Whatever works" 4 simple emo songs about break ups or whatever. Pretty typical sound. Justin (Bassist of Stillwell and the guy who runs Forge again records) was in this band also a member of Wafflehouse was in this band too. Grayson later released a song on a split 7" with Rescue and kicked off with a short tour. Now the bands 5th song is probably the best one of this bands short discography. It was also one of Forge again's early releases. Grayson did about 5 songs and lasted maybe less than a year. There isn't much else to be said about these guys besides what I mentioned here.

Whatever works EP

Split 7" w/ Rescue

Whatever works EP+Split 7" w/ Rescue

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A trillion barnacle lapse

I am trying to wrap up on Off cloud nine so I can bring up the new label Nolan is running now called Coercion records... Well now he runs a second label called Heal which started a few days ago and had its first release. Well this band is pretty old, they started off in the late 90's as a screamo Spirit of versailles/In loving memory-esque style. They released a 7" and a split 7" with the last 40 seconds. There were 3 unreleased songs due for a split with As the sun sets but it never came through. So about 10 songs came in like this. The band switched styles with their debut. Honestly from here on I couldn't go through deep with this band. I do like their debut but its not good enough as the earlier 10 songs. The band lasted 2 more full lengths and a couple of songs for a fourth unreleased album. In honesty the other stuff sounds the same and pretty average like. I will post those 10 songs instead though. They sound more like something off The truth about dreaming or something. Nolan released a compilation tape that features some songs from their albums plus all the 10 earlier tracks (I'll keep it at those songs though)

A selective memory

Under a sky so blue

I am back with some Off cloud nine, I have had a shit week after someone tore my heart out and what not. I tried keeping my emotional and physical self busy. Since Monday I have been feeling a bit content though. I already had my 10 minute cry almost 2 weeks ago and I feel ready to move on. I have recently been working out and just killing it at that with some boxing skills and I also been watching the show Lost. I haven't really got much on here but I think to keep myself busy I will start posting here more often. I wanted to bring this fine band up I found on Off cloud nine about 2 years ago. They released a 2014 demo tape with 4 amazing songs, sometime after they released a 5" split with The truth about dreaming and then after a split 7" with Celebration in which both bands are incredible. The band did a 2015 demo tape with 2 rough tracks from the newest EP tape they put out this year. The band overall I like it but they have been active since 2014 and haven't put out much music (2 demo tapes, 2 splits and a EP tape) I really liked their split 7" with Celebration. Both bands are really great. You can catch that 7" at off cloud nine for 3 dollars.

2014 Demo tape

Split 5" w/ XttadX

Split 7" w/ Celebration

2015 demo tape

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Leer's final show

Sunday night I attended at Leer's final show and it was kinda exciting and a bit sad. Winter break/Summer vacation was there too and they seemed to have ended as well. The crowd was wild and I hope someone got footage of the whole thing. There was a limited press of 33 of Spring break's LP with a new cardboard cover but the vinyl color is the same as the previous last press. I didn't really bother picking one of those up. Now I kinda regret it. I did pick up a blue cop shirt from them since I only had like one other shirt. Leer was the band that put out a amazing record in 2013 called Spring break no parents. It was my top favorite of that year. But the band mentioned they have some new and final songs for a posthumous release later this year so its not just the end yet. It is about 2-3 new more songs and it may be on a split or a single. I will be getting a copy of that. I hope its a single 7" though. So I thought I would put up a live set leer did last month (It's not the final show though) It has 7 songs in which 3 seem to be new. QUality is excellent by the way.
Live at Pressuredrop

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Science is made up of mistakes

This was one of the very forgotten, short lived band that released a tape on Off cloud nine. The band has a typical sound that fits with the label. After this release the band made it on some comp and disappeared into the night sky. They were a 3 piece screamo band from Spain and I remembered this band last minute. Band seemed to have deleted their bandcamp page and their music is pretty hard to track. Lucky for you I have had the mp3 copies of this tape for a while now. The band is a mystery I am not sure if the members went on to do anything else besides ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! and Eros+Massacre (Which both never got my attention) I don't even know why they deleted their ep from bandcamp too. I think the band was into astronomy or something some of the terms relate to that subject, while space is pretty cool I think on here it was kinda dorky. The insert looks great though and the tape plays great. But there is no lyrics insert. More of a thanks and a quote taken from someone (too lazy to look back who the quote was from) one moment I thought this was some super secret Nolan band because it can sound a bit similar. It isn't something that I can describe as "Unique" I do feel like I have ran into bands in the past that sounded like this. Whether its mid 00's influenced I do feel like this is just another carbon copy with some XttadX waves added.

The backbone of the night EP

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Cambodian Heat

So here we are again with more Off cloud nine, back at it again. So after discussing a little on Nolan's project Aokigahara here is another project band that is considered as "White belt hardcore" or should I say grindcore with some little screamo called The Cambodian Heat. This project began sometime in 2014 with a 2 song demo tape. The 2 songs were later re-recorded as a full band along with 2 new songs for a 7". I think the band did some small tour around their Michigan area. There were 2 presses for the 7" along with a tape format press of the tape. One of the 7"s were a limited show release of 25 while the regular press 275 were made. Off cloud nine is still running and Coercion cassettes has these for like 2 or 3 dollars still. It reminds me a little of The number 12 looks like you a bit with some of Nolan's familiar OCN stuff added. You can buy it here. The band recently released a 4 song self titled demo tape you can get here. I believe the band is doing another record later this year as well. It is one of the 2 projects Nolan is still working on from what I know.

Bludgeoning subculture aficionados demo 7"+2 song demo tape

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Now to begin with Off cloud nine, brief history. OCN began in 2012 right when PSR ended. Nolan's goal was to release a bunch of old school cdr screamo classics on wax. I did added some of those here such as Rue morgue's tour cdr, Edict of Milan's self titled cdr and The spirit of versaille's 8 songs cdr. He also started a new project under The truth about dreaming. During the stages of OCN he also did a very short project under Aokigahara and put out a limited 3 song demo tape. This project would be some in between sounds of TTAD and his other project The Cambodian heat (I'll bring that band up next time) this project quickly disbanded right after the demo. Last year this project was brought up again and released a 3 song ep called "Three different ways to say fuck you" this also seems to be the final OCN release too. I didn't get a chance to get the tape for this one because it was so limited (5 copies limited) one of the songs off the demo was re-recorded for this ep so to put things in perspective about 5 songs were done for this project. It's pretty ocn sounding typical like. So if you liked The truth about dreaming you will likely get into this too.

Demo tape+Three different ways to say fuck you EP

Saturday, May 27, 2017


So this closes the chapter on Plastic smile records on this blogspot. Such a amazing underrated label that existed between 2011-2012. I believe I was 19 when I ran into this label. It is still the best thing that has happened to me. If you were around during the psr legacy then you'd know how unique this label was during its time and if you didn't then the most of the tale is here.

Yes it is a Jeromes dream song title. Yes it has similar vocals and yes it also has a bit of I wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook as well. Here is the big one for PSR everyone waited on. This project sums up PSR and what I liked about it. After Nolan ending Flowers in gun barrels he began with Plastic smile records and did his good solo stuff that included this one. He made a bunch of hard to find releases over the short period time throughout 2011 and early 2012. I don't even have them all. I love those quick drum beats, great energy on guitar and vocals meet my expectations. The fact that its not a total Jeromes dream rip off this band has its own sound to deliver. JD has those quick noisy guitar strums here you can kinda imagine the sound more on the guitars but they are quick. Nolan did do a 50 CD press of the bands discography which contains every song (About 54 or more) I was lucky to snag that and even a shirt of this project as well. 2011 will surely be remembered due to the fact I was a fanboy of the label and just needed all of these releases. I wished I had ordered more. So I ran into this band in mid summer 2011 I heard what I liked and first bought the self titled. From there my small psr journey started. I tried spreading out the word of this band and label which I think it helped. Since all this is hard to find or even own now I decided to mention this talented emo band on here. Seriously take my word for it and download my files. It is a shame this little band didn't receive much attention that it deserved in the DIY screamo community. It took me forever to title the songs on the discography CD since none had any. I do know the songs off heal are untitled though. Those songs were early demo recordings off the bands 12/2011 demo tape. It was nice of Nolan to give me a test press of the tape (Which I have never played just the regular press) the earlier releases as the 5 track demo, 2 track microcassette demo, split with flowers and the other split with In Braille have more of a distortion feel giving the Jeromes Dream sound while Motionless, New horizons, S/T, Antiquity and Heal have its own thing going on while still using the vocals. I heard a few month back of a semi discography for this project being pressed but that was once. It'll have the self titled, heal and like one or 2 more releases. I did see the cover of the tape if it goes to plan accordingly. I might even buy it just for the sake of having a better collection. I am not sure if this will be a Coercion release or a final OCN one but we hope to see this semi out.My favorite release from this project would be the S/T which I believe this would also be Nolan's favorite one as well.
So here are some things I noticed about this discography CD, it is missing about a few songs. I count one song from the self titled, one from New Horizons EP, 3 from the 12/2011 demo tape and a instrumental from the Self titled and another instrumental from Motionless EP. One more thing to note is that the 12/2011 demo are early demos of what was later on Heal.

Flowers in gun barrels split tape

Motionless EP

Self titled

12/2011 demo tape

Antiquity EP


Discography CD

Pepperoni boi has spoken

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Awake, trying to finish up the psr month. I still got one more after this I believe. I had already brought up Celestial being and Nolan's first band Flowers in gun barrels in the past which were the first introduction on Plastic smile records on here. I also brought up Crocodile hiss, Dreamer, Very fucking and Kind of like Paris. Woglake was pretty much Ice Hockey back in 2011. This band released a live set demo and a demo tape called "Phase lll" on Plastic smile records right before changing band name. This was pretty forgotten I forgot how I even ran into this demo, I might have bought it from friendly otter. It has the screamo psr sound and its a fair yet somewhat forgotten release. It is what it is though and worth giving it a listen. Interesting cover by the way but the whole "pizza" track titles is a bit to overrated and cringe on my terms but the songs lay out nice. Demo raw quality that is for sure. 3 songs and 2 of the 3 as instrumentals (which I don't what purpose that served) I don't think they were necessary. So you get 5 tracks in total. This now leads to my most anticipated request of the main piece for PSR which is Iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing.

Phase lll

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kind of like Paris

This is another project Nolan did. I'll keep it short and simple on the overview description. The one release short lived type of project, 2 songs and a instrumental to be exact. I remember Rok Lok Records doing a tape release of this EP while PSR did a lathe one. Almost sounds like a soft indie XttadX soft chords with singing instead of screaming. I missed out on this release for the most part and its possibly because not much attention was given and was quickly thrown and old out. There was so much going on with psr/ocn I didn't know where to start.

Kind of like Paris 5"

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Very fucking

Here is another odd end noise like PSR release. What I know is that the tape is a discography that has the demo called "Fuzz fuck" plus some other songs. I don't remember if Nolan did this as well. This was very short lived and almost forgettable lucky for me I had the original files on me. I think this is more noiser than Dreamer. It was a pretty odd release for me. It has some screamo vocals but most of the songs have that reverb like echo going on and it is really hard to listen to this but for the sake of it I'll post it here

The very best hero


Unfortunately I do not own the tapes for Dreamer, Dreamer was yet another short lived project from Nolan. This stuff was slightly noise like but regardless you can here the screamy like vocals. A very distorted bass with some noise in the background and some nice drumming. It's as I can describe. 3 short tapes were done. I think Dreamer has another name before as "Ultra Violent Noise Storm" at one point. It was another forgotten obscure release from PSR (Just like most)

Ultra violent noise storm
Dream of noise
Devastating noise attack

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Crocodile hiss

Today is the month everyone's excited about. May is the month where I will bring a bunch of ghosts. Off cloud nine and Plastic smile releases I happen to obtain. As I mentioned, Nolan did make another solo short lived band that was more of a noise/screamo thing. This project was called Crocodile hiss. This project had 3 small releases that took forever to find. A 32 track demo (32 short song demos in a single tape), a split with his other project The truth about dreaming and finally a EP tape that had a more XttadX sound. I had to convert these tapes to mp3 myself because he never posted these on the old psr blogspot. I lost the digital files moons ago to the 32 track when this was up on bandcamp. The split track and final EP were never in digital format as far as I know. There isn't much to say only that it simply has that psr obscure style. The 32 track demo sounds like Iwontstopwondering just with shorter songs. I don't think Nolan will revive this project anytime soon so enjoy these 3 obscure Plastic smile records releases.
I found my old file of the mp3 version of the 32 track demo, unfortunately the kbps is at 64 but it doesn't have the tape hiss sound and I think the quality overall is slightly better but it's your choice of whichever you want.

32 track demo (Tape rip)
MP3 version

Crocodile hiss/The truth about dreaming split tape

Downhearted Violent Noisecore Attack