Sunday, July 30, 2017

AEN Update

I have plenty of stuff to go over this year and next year, I will be throwing a lot of underrated emo gems at you guys. Anyways, I wanted to add some small news. If you don't know I will be doing video reviews of some of the records I have added here to get a more visual review than a blogspot. I will continue to post here but as well I recommend subbing to my youtube channel (Link is on the right side of this page) besides reviews I will add releases up there too. I really want to get active here and there on this stuff. I have done a few vlogs but I don't see myself doing a whole bunch of those though. Maybe like once a while but my main focus will be on reviews. SO far I did a short easy review on Angel falls Music on vinyl 7" I will do about 2 others in August. Be sure to check them out. Cheers.

Here is a jam I have been listening to all day today

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