Sunday, May 29, 2016

Calabash case

It is 11:33 PM and right now I have some weird stomach cramps so I figured why not kill time on here before I go on and do other things that will slowly put me to sleep. This band could be associated with other bands like Chune and Drive like Jehu, I mean hell hearing this the first time reminded me of both bands. Calabash case did do some small "Secret" reunion with Chune like a year or 2 in San Diego. Calabash case released a 7" and 2 LP's. There's a massive file confusion with the files uploaded in the internet and I noticed a lot of the files marked as the Self titled are actually the songs off the bands second LP called Constantly Parading. Luckily for you guys I did buy both CD's for like a few cents off amazon so I can get this cleared up. The discogs dude I normally buy records from had the 7" for 3 bucks so I had picked that up from him just to count it in on my small Calabash case collection. The CD's are also on wax but it is pretty hard to find the bands self titled LP in vg+ or near mint condition at the most. I am not sure if the s/t and constantly parading were released in the same year since on discogs it says that both cd's were released in '98 and that the LP of the s/t was released first. The bands 7" might be the first or mid release between these two. The 7" is where you can hear more of that Drive like Jehu style which almost sounds exactly like them. I almost thought this might have been some project a bit after DLJ. The 7" was released under Wrenched (Same as the Evergreen 7" and a few others) Calabash is not entirely forgotten especially after that reunion even though I did not even known after months later. If you like Drive like Jehu stuff Calabash case does a pretty good job at that sound despite them also being local from SD. Give them a shot.

Self titled

Self titled 7"

Constantly parading

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bunch of unreleased material from The Vehicle Birth

One of the members recently sent me a large file that contains a bunch of The vehicle births songs this includes better versions of the bands 7"s Limousine and River/Level 90 along with compilations, demos, live and unreleased material which is about more than 25 songs. This is insane. I really had to get this post up because I was excited about receiving this (which I did just now) This may be in some 2 disc compilation since the original title of this compilation is called Afterbirth and it seems like a sort of 2 disc thing. I would love to get my hands on a physical copy of this if its ever out on CD. First file has 20 songs while the second has 19. For what it is this is super golden news.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The sea, the sea

The sea the sea existed between 2003 and 2004 this band might have just been those short lived project bands. I had discovered these guys either in This endless breath blogspot or somewhere else. The band has some narrative tone and even a sax and synth are included mainly on the bands only 3 song 12" (Likely a self titled) The band featured 2 vocalists a male lead singer and a female who did the sax and synth I believe. The band did do a 3 song demo and this 3 song 12" that is one sided with a cool etching on side B. The sleeve is just a front cut off cardboard thing with about 4 inserts. 2 inserts are lyrics, one is a small white thank you one and the other is a flyer of the bands record release/final show with a couple of other bands down somewhere in Michigan in some basement. The vocalist not long ago passed away from cancer and in memory of him the band did a reunion show a while ago (Which is why I am bringing up this band now) in which his brother did vocals instead. It must have been a epic show though. So the band didn't release much besides 10 songs. It has similarities so some Van pelt/Reiziger/Kolya with some screaming involved.

The sea, the sea 12"

Discography *Demo *s/t 12" *Unreleased

Thursday, May 19, 2016

You'll live

A modern band for this post. I can't even remember how this band sneacked up on me. Possibly sometime in the fall of 2012. I remember listening to them a lot on the bus on my way to my old college campus school which was a very long bus ride. So these dudes are from Florida and they sound pretty uncommon, like instrumentally they do not sound like a screamo sort of band but once the singing starts it just gets so good. The band did some great stuff and not long ago the band released a second LP called "Moving past this" which I had to pre order the bundle from skeletal lightning. Since I did support this band a lot by buying all 3 tour shirts, the bundle of Moving past this along with the debut LP and the 7" I think I'm worthy of posting it on here. The bands single for the LP flooded me with emotions especially on the music video they made for it. I think Skeletal lightning was the right label for this release they still have the LP available here while some label called (I am not familiar with this label) Major bear records released the bands debut LP (As of now they only have one pressing left you can pick up here as well) I think anyone that enjoys the bands here will enjoy this band as well. I'll also leave the bandcamp page as well. Also don't expect or rely on the links I have provided on my mediafire account definitely support this band. There are certain blogspots that tell people to support bands they have posted when they clearly have not supported them either (Sophies floorboard *coughcough*) I feel like I can bring this up now and actually have the word of telling you to please support them in some way whether its snagging that blue tour shirt or snagging one of these records from Skeletal or major bear. It doesn't hurt bringing this once in a while especially when I bring up the new bands with records still available for purchase.
Big cartel

Above the weather LP

Lost. Forgotten. Abandoned. Buried. 7"

Moving past this LP

Friday, May 13, 2016


Mentioned The Pine here before. Evergreen wouldn't be a hit and miss, I've had them on my mind for a long while. I think I might have found Evergreen first before The Pine. Evergreen and The Pine shared some similarity instrumentally, vocally Roger King had a more whiny high pitch singing than Evergreen. Evergreen began in 1992 (Or 1993) that released two songs on a split 7" and along released song on a compilation 7" called Emergency Broadcast Systems Volume Three. These 3 song were later added on a bootleg 7" that was done known as the s/t 7" (I believe the Pine might have done this 7") 40 copies were in a manila sleeve with a insert from The Pine's show. The rest of the copies are just a white sleeve like the one I have with no insert, just song titles on the back of the sleeve. Side A has the 2 split songs while side B has the compilation song. The 7" is considered a unofficial release. The band put out a actual 3 song self titled 7" under Wrenched records in '94 which I think sounds pretty darn neat. My favorite release though will be the bands only LP entitled Seven songs that was also released that same year. For a DIY record its being sold pretty pricey which is a utter bummer. Finally the band released a 2 track (Plus one ambient track) 7" called These days just about 3 years after the LP was released. In this record you can hear more of what The Pine tried to accomplish. The band did two separate compilations between 1995 and 1996. Evergreen left a short legacy and a sound that had inspired The Pine in which The Pine inspired others. It's likely Evergreen was inspired by The Hated as well. Evergreen is a pretty good emo band that emerged in the 90's and slowly faded away after a couple of releases. I wished we had more bands that sounded like this rather than ones trying too hard to sound like American football or Empire Empire (I was a lonely estate) it becomes pretty annoying.

Evergreen 7" (Unofficial)

Evergreen 7"

Seven songs
These last days 7"

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Van Johnson

On to some screamo stuff, Van Johnson was a Canadian screamo band active between the early/mid 00's the band put out a 2 song cd demo these songs were later re-recorded for the bands self titled EP that was released in 2005. They also released a song on a split 7" (Which also was re-recorded for the s/t EP) the band put out a 7" in memory of someone that passed away which I think it was released sometime in 2004. The 7 track self titled EP was recorded between March of 2004, released in 2005. David Norman interviewed one of the members of the band you can read here. There may be some of the Ladies and gentlemen 7" copies available along with the self titled EP in CD format (Like the ones I got) in discogs. I do know that David has the 7" on his distro (Not sure if he does now) you can pick up a copy from their. Overall Van Johnson is pretty darn legit I kinda wished I knew these guys when I was in middle school.

Ladies and gentlemen 7"

Van Johnson EP

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Such a beautiful day with Long beach receiving rain in May which is a bit unusual. Usually at this time its hot but rain won't hurt. This is another miscellaneous post I wanted to share. So you're wondering "Is this some vaporwave?" the answer is no. Vaperror does more of a hip hop influence that can also be entitled as "Vaportrap" based out of Oregon the guy Jeff did some insane beats over the past few short years. He even wanted me to add him on facebook upon discovering this music piece on bandcamp. I had asked if he had some tapes available but luckily for me he had some off his release called "System delight" which was the second press. He even made me a mixtape for 3 dollars more which contains tracks off the Volume 1.0 mix and a bunch of unreleased songs that did not make it to this compilation sort of release. As for quality of both tapes they are amazing and possibly the best quality of tapes that I have laying around. The bootleg mixtape sounds like its coming straight off the digital release with no hissing or the kbps being at low quality, I was pretty impressed. I discovered Vaperror sometime past fall(Like in October or something like that) through that one video explaining what Vaporwave is and types. I really was liking the atmosphere in the earlier releases off Vaperror. To my understanding Vaperror slowly moved away from the hip hop tone and went back to some sort of odd electronic sound which sounds okay but not the Vaperror I had encountered. He recently released a tape/CD entitled "Acid arcadia" which to me sounds pretty great and beyond different from any bizarre electronic music I have heard. The best explanation is that it sounds pretty futuristic in today's standards. Jeff told me not to share the entire volume 1.0 mixtape he made me (Since it contains unreleased songs that are not out) but the guy unfriended me and I lost in touch with him since then. Perhaps it can be because the only thing we had in common was his music or maybe because I don't agree with the fact that DIY labels should not be selling cassettes for 8-9 dollars a piece (No shipping included) so it would result to about 12-13 dollars a tape. That to me is ridiculous and is just a slap on the face and gives DIY a bad name. I have noticed a lot of these non profit Vaporwave/Future funk labels do not have much experience to the DIY scene that no distros exist, common price on tapes are about the range of 8-9 dollars like I have said and many state its because they need to make back the profit which to me indicates that the whole non-profit deal is just... An insult. Therefore I do not support a lot of these labels because they need to learn more about DIY and that its all for fun and even bigger labels in the game such as Square of opposition has never made much or any profit and in fact lose money because it is never about making up profit but the enjoyment of helping friends release rad records. But all this is a different subject I can ramble on for hours but I won't. Anyways, Vaperror is different and I like different and I really respect Jeff's creativity in his music even though the guy deleted me (or whatever) it isn't some typical stuff being heard around and I feel like his earlier releases such as Mana pool, volume 1.0 and system delight defines what Vaportrap is. You can feel free and check the bandcamp page.
First track off the volume 1.0 mixtape

Volume 1.0 mixtape
(File is 146 MB because it has over 35 tracks in fine quality. Half of these are not included on the bandcamp version)

System delight

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The sixty-five film show

I picked up a bunch of shit last week on discogs, most of this stuff is under 6 dollars so I grabbed a whole lot of stuff (I will post here sometime soon) and well I ran into this band while checking the discogs seller. I have never heard of this band and very little info is around but after getting some info it figures that the band is from Virginia that began possibly in 1998. This 3 song 7" was released in 1999 which has a more aggressive Braid-like sound (That's just me) the band released some Halloween split 7" and a posthumous full length of some type way later on sometime 2004. But I will look more into the 7" I have. So for starters the cover is pretty fucking plain yellow with the bands name. Somehow I find it pretty interesting, I don't know why I do. Everything else seems to be photocopied and what not but this is how DIY works and I fucking love it! Overall the sleeves aren't fancy but for a used old record the sticker came with the record which still looks as fresh as it was back in '99. Dude, once I played the 7" I easily got into the jams. Definitely worth the 4 dollars for it. I did my best in converting it (Did it twice) I did hear some of the songs off the full length but nothing is compared as good as the bands side B track "Ninth grade crushed on you" I really got into that one. They're also playing a show in June at Virginia. This is fucking crazy.

The sixty-five film show 7"

Tzadikim Nistarim & Adobe homes

So before Adobe 3 of the 4 members were in a band called Tzadikim Nistarim that was extremely short lived, a Cali DIY label called Affinity Index and another under the name Communique records released the bands only single sided 7" entitled Heat death (Which is name of the song) Its just a single song that runs over 6 minutes on one side. Yeah, this band released one 7" with a single song on it. I believe this was released sometime in 2006 (Discogs says 2009) which the band might have lasted just a year. It still sounds like what Adobe homes plays so if anything I just think of this as Adobe homes with a different band name.
Heat death 7"

Adobe homes in the other hand still sounds similar to the previous band. Both took place in New Mexico (Figures the way they sound) Some parts remind me a bit of Innards (Also released a split with) and even a bit of others like Arse Moreira (Just slightly a bit). Adobe also ended not long ago but released a demo tape, split tape, a 10", 2 splits 7"s (One with Beau navire which was my first record ever and another split with Innards), a compilation 7" called Swollen lungs, and a very neat 9" called Piñata. A lathe 8" of the demo was made as a final goodbye for Adobe homes. I would definitely want you to check to swollen lungs compilation there are some amazing bands in that 7" you can check the bandcamp for that here. The compilation was on sale for a dollar so I ended up getting it most of the bands I am aware of while a few not really but overall this compilation is just very amazing (Pick it up here). The band does have a bandcamp you can check here. BEAR records is still selling the bands 9" for 7 dollars (Please do a favor and get it before they're gone forever) you can get that here. You can also order the split with innards at Flannel gurl records here it's on sale for 4.00. Everything else is sold out but overall Adobe homes is pretty great and worth sharing here.

Ristra 10"

Adobe homes/Beau Navire split 7"

Swollen lungs compilation (Only Adobe's track)

Piñata 9"

Adobe homes/Innards split 7" (Contains both bands)