Thursday, May 19, 2016

You'll live

A modern band for this post. I can't even remember how this band sneacked up on me. Possibly sometime in the fall of 2012. I remember listening to them a lot on the bus on my way to my old college campus school which was a very long bus ride. So these dudes are from Florida and they sound pretty uncommon, like instrumentally they do not sound like a screamo sort of band but once the singing starts it just gets so good. The band did some great stuff and not long ago the band released a second LP called "Moving past this" which I had to pre order the bundle from skeletal lightning. Since I did support this band a lot by buying all 3 tour shirts, the bundle of Moving past this along with the debut LP and the 7" I think I'm worthy of posting it on here. The bands single for the LP flooded me with emotions especially on the music video they made for it. I think Skeletal lightning was the right label for this release they still have the LP available here while some label called (I am not familiar with this label) Major bear records released the bands debut LP (As of now they only have one pressing left you can pick up here as well) I think anyone that enjoys the bands here will enjoy this band as well. I'll also leave the bandcamp page as well. Also don't expect or rely on the links I have provided on my mediafire account definitely support this band. There are certain blogspots that tell people to support bands they have posted when they clearly have not supported them either (Sophies floorboard *coughcough*) I feel like I can bring this up now and actually have the word of telling you to please support them in some way whether its snagging that blue tour shirt or snagging one of these records from Skeletal or major bear. It doesn't hurt bringing this once in a while especially when I bring up the new bands with records still available for purchase.
Big cartel

Above the weather LP

Lost. Forgotten. Abandoned. Buried. 7"

Moving past this LP

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