Sunday, May 29, 2016

Calabash case

It is 11:33 PM and right now I have some weird stomach cramps so I figured why not kill time on here before I go on and do other things that will slowly put me to sleep. This band could be associated with other bands like Chune and Drive like Jehu, I mean hell hearing this the first time reminded me of both bands. Calabash case did do some small "Secret" reunion with Chune like a year or 2 in San Diego. Calabash case released a 7" and 2 LP's. There's a massive file confusion with the files uploaded in the internet and I noticed a lot of the files marked as the Self titled are actually the songs off the bands second LP called Constantly Parading. Luckily for you guys I did buy both CD's for like a few cents off amazon so I can get this cleared up. The discogs dude I normally buy records from had the 7" for 3 bucks so I had picked that up from him just to count it in on my small Calabash case collection. The CD's are also on wax but it is pretty hard to find the bands self titled LP in vg+ or near mint condition at the most. I am not sure if the s/t and constantly parading were released in the same year since on discogs it says that both cd's were released in '98 and that the LP of the s/t was released first. The bands 7" might be the first or mid release between these two. The 7" is where you can hear more of that Drive like Jehu style which almost sounds exactly like them. I almost thought this might have been some project a bit after DLJ. The 7" was released under Wrenched (Same as the Evergreen 7" and a few others) Calabash is not entirely forgotten especially after that reunion even though I did not even known after months later. If you like Drive like Jehu stuff Calabash case does a pretty good job at that sound despite them also being local from SD. Give them a shot.

Self titled

Self titled 7"

Constantly parading

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