Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Van Johnson

On to some screamo stuff, Van Johnson was a Canadian screamo band active between the early/mid 00's the band put out a 2 song cd demo these songs were later re-recorded for the bands self titled EP that was released in 2005. They also released a song on a split 7" (Which also was re-recorded for the s/t EP) the band put out a 7" in memory of someone that passed away which I think it was released sometime in 2004. The 7 track self titled EP was recorded between March of 2004, released in 2005. David Norman interviewed one of the members of the band you can read here. There may be some of the Ladies and gentlemen 7" copies available along with the self titled EP in CD format (Like the ones I got) in discogs. I do know that David has the 7" on his distro (Not sure if he does now) you can pick up a copy from their. Overall Van Johnson is pretty darn legit I kinda wished I knew these guys when I was in middle school.

Ladies and gentlemen 7"

Van Johnson EP

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