Friday, May 13, 2016


Mentioned The Pine here before. Evergreen wouldn't be a hit and miss, I've had them on my mind for a long while. I think I might have found Evergreen first before The Pine. Evergreen and The Pine shared some similarity instrumentally, vocally Roger King had a more whiny high pitch singing than Evergreen. Evergreen began in 1992 (Or 1993) that released two songs on a split 7" and along released song on a compilation 7" called Emergency Broadcast Systems Volume Three. These 3 song were later added on a bootleg 7" that was done known as the s/t 7" (I believe the Pine might have done this 7") 40 copies were in a manila sleeve with a insert from The Pine's show. The rest of the copies are just a white sleeve like the one I have with no insert, just song titles on the back of the sleeve. Side A has the 2 split songs while side B has the compilation song. The 7" is considered a unofficial release. The band put out a actual 3 song self titled 7" under Wrenched records in '94 which I think sounds pretty darn neat. My favorite release though will be the bands only LP entitled Seven songs that was also released that same year. For a DIY record its being sold pretty pricey which is a utter bummer. Finally the band released a 2 track (Plus one ambient track) 7" called These days just about 3 years after the LP was released. In this record you can hear more of what The Pine tried to accomplish. The band did two separate compilations between 1995 and 1996. Evergreen left a short legacy and a sound that had inspired The Pine in which The Pine inspired others. It's likely Evergreen was inspired by The Hated as well. Evergreen is a pretty good emo band that emerged in the 90's and slowly faded away after a couple of releases. I wished we had more bands that sounded like this rather than ones trying too hard to sound like American football or Empire Empire (I was a lonely estate) it becomes pretty annoying.

Evergreen 7" (Unofficial)

Evergreen 7"

Seven songs
These last days 7"

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