Saturday, May 21, 2016

The sea, the sea

The sea the sea existed between 2003 and 2004 this band might have just been those short lived project bands. I had discovered these guys either in This endless breath blogspot or somewhere else. The band has some narrative tone and even a sax and synth are included mainly on the bands only 3 song 12" (Likely a self titled) The band featured 2 vocalists a male lead singer and a female who did the sax and synth I believe. The band did do a 3 song demo and this 3 song 12" that is one sided with a cool etching on side B. The sleeve is just a front cut off cardboard thing with about 4 inserts. 2 inserts are lyrics, one is a small white thank you one and the other is a flyer of the bands record release/final show with a couple of other bands down somewhere in Michigan in some basement. The vocalist not long ago passed away from cancer and in memory of him the band did a reunion show a while ago (Which is why I am bringing up this band now) in which his brother did vocals instead. It must have been a epic show though. So the band didn't release much besides 10 songs. It has similarities so some Van pelt/Reiziger/Kolya with some screaming involved.

The sea, the sea 12"

Discography *Demo *s/t 12" *Unreleased

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