Saturday, May 7, 2016


Such a beautiful day with Long beach receiving rain in May which is a bit unusual. Usually at this time its hot but rain won't hurt. This is another miscellaneous post I wanted to share. So you're wondering "Is this some vaporwave?" the answer is no. Vaperror does more of a hip hop influence that can also be entitled as "Vaportrap" based out of Oregon the guy Jeff did some insane beats over the past few short years. He even wanted me to add him on facebook upon discovering this music piece on bandcamp. I had asked if he had some tapes available but luckily for me he had some off his release called "System delight" which was the second press. He even made me a mixtape for 3 dollars more which contains tracks off the Volume 1.0 mix and a bunch of unreleased songs that did not make it to this compilation sort of release. As for quality of both tapes they are amazing and possibly the best quality of tapes that I have laying around. The bootleg mixtape sounds like its coming straight off the digital release with no hissing or the kbps being at low quality, I was pretty impressed. I discovered Vaperror sometime past fall(Like in October or something like that) through that one video explaining what Vaporwave is and types. I really was liking the atmosphere in the earlier releases off Vaperror. To my understanding Vaperror slowly moved away from the hip hop tone and went back to some sort of odd electronic sound which sounds okay but not the Vaperror I had encountered. He recently released a tape/CD entitled "Acid arcadia" which to me sounds pretty great and beyond different from any bizarre electronic music I have heard. The best explanation is that it sounds pretty futuristic in today's standards. Jeff told me not to share the entire volume 1.0 mixtape he made me (Since it contains unreleased songs that are not out) but the guy unfriended me and I lost in touch with him since then. Perhaps it can be because the only thing we had in common was his music or maybe because I don't agree with the fact that DIY labels should not be selling cassettes for 8-9 dollars a piece (No shipping included) so it would result to about 12-13 dollars a tape. That to me is ridiculous and is just a slap on the face and gives DIY a bad name. I have noticed a lot of these non profit Vaporwave/Future funk labels do not have much experience to the DIY scene that no distros exist, common price on tapes are about the range of 8-9 dollars like I have said and many state its because they need to make back the profit which to me indicates that the whole non-profit deal is just... An insult. Therefore I do not support a lot of these labels because they need to learn more about DIY and that its all for fun and even bigger labels in the game such as Square of opposition has never made much or any profit and in fact lose money because it is never about making up profit but the enjoyment of helping friends release rad records. But all this is a different subject I can ramble on for hours but I won't. Anyways, Vaperror is different and I like different and I really respect Jeff's creativity in his music even though the guy deleted me (or whatever) it isn't some typical stuff being heard around and I feel like his earlier releases such as Mana pool, volume 1.0 and system delight defines what Vaportrap is. You can feel free and check the bandcamp page.
First track off the volume 1.0 mixtape

Volume 1.0 mixtape
(File is 146 MB because it has over 35 tracks in fine quality. Half of these are not included on the bandcamp version)

System delight

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