Thursday, April 28, 2016


Past few days have been pretty crappy. First it was the whole cancer scare then it was the constipation I had since Sunday but things got worse on Wednesday when I felt bloated and I didn't have any bowel normal movements and I started having a tiny cramp feeling. Luckily I went to the ER and I guess I gave all details of what I was feeling and what I saw on my stool it'll be too much info but I saw white specks on my stool which in the end he diagnosed me with normal constipation because I felt no abdomen pain, nausea, vomiting or blood in my last stools. So he gave me some stool softener laxatives and I had tried them. Definitely improved my bowel movements I had 3 today. Two in the morning and one at night. I have never suffered through constipation until now so I didn't know if it was a normal thing or not I am just glad it wasn't anything like IBS or something, well enough about me. This is another Atlanta band I wanted to share, well actually for a long while I have been wanting to post them but now it would be the right time to do so. I had discovered them years ago and I really enjoyed listening to these guys a lot. This band had existed between the mid 90's and from what discogs mentioned the releases they put out took place between 1995. As far as a discography the band put 4 7"s one being a split record with The hal al shedad, one song off the Placebo compilation (Next to Reversal of man) and two 7"s. They also have 2 unreleased songs that don't seem to be shared a lot around. I couldn't find any info to where these songs were originally from or if they're from some unreleased record. The insert on "By design" I really liked the sleeves for the most part and whenever I spin this record I tend to look at it and read it every time (Silly habit I have with most records) as for the 2 unreleased songs I am not sure if they were intended for some unreleased split, compilation, 7" or demo. Anyways, the band kicks as much as the others from the scene. I really enjoy the bands 2 records from their own the most. The blogspot "Beyond failure" has more info on Inkwell and the Atlanta scene you should really check out and read.

All 3 7"s By design (First press), The hal al shedad split (Second press) and Shine so bright 7" (Second press)
Inkwell *By design 7" *Split 7" w/ The Hal Al Shedad *Shine so bright 7" *Placebo compilation *2 unreleased songs

Monday, April 25, 2016

All these fingers

I have some free time today as well, decided not to go to my sexual development class today so I cut that down today. I thought I'd do another of these misc posts, I promise I will keep this one short. if you don't like my instrumental recommendations I am sorry. All these fingers has its own signature style that is far apart from how Mieksneak sounds. ATF has been releasing a bunch of stuff on bandcamp that it's just insane on the many releases. I will also mention them here since I happen to own one tape and a shirt release on one of the lengths as well from ATF. ATF hails from Michigan and not California. The dude has self released a few tapes although I never got any chance to pick any up except for "The canteen tape" which is still available for sell on the bandcamp website. This is another worthy on the instrumental hip hop stuff checking out.

The canteen tape

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I have some free alone time today and I thought of posting a new band that is a bit recent. I discovered mothlight not so long ago by David Norman discussing it on his blogspot (click it) and saying it reminded him of the band Matsuri so I had to check it out. I was fairly impressed by the bands first ep and 2 songs off the split record they did with Marcy, Coma regalia and Flesh born (All bands are superb I tell ya) Mothlight had self released a 2016 tour tape and well the songs are a bit rough and much more rough on the tape, but that's okay its self released so I give this a pass on the tape quality. I ordered the tape and both shirts they were selling on their tour. Unfortunately for them the tour was cancelled halfway but because of it I was able to pick up some merch off their bandcamp. They even gave me a bunch of Mothlight patches, buttons and a zine containing one of Mothlights shirt designs.

The 4 songs on the tape have 3 new songs that will be re-recorded and featured on the bands upcoming LP while the other song is simply a re-recorded one off the bands first EP. This band has major potential of being one of the few modern ones I can really dig.
2016 tour tape

Friday, April 22, 2016


This will be a tiny new segment I will add from now on. since a lot of these titles are not emo related I will gather them all here on this specific label under Miscellaneous. I have some stuff that is pretty DIY but not in the emo/screamo thing. That being said let me first start off with some introduction, Mieksneak. I caught my eye in the instrumental hip hop stuff sometime in 2011 when I first heard Aly. From there I slowly hopped along the train finding other sources similar/slightly different along with a few labels or specifically one as of now but that will be told slowly. After Aly I found Mieksneak (Out here in California) on bandcamp and had 3 releases at the time (The first one was removed from the bandcamp) in the second release I noticed one of the songs is from Kendrick Lamar's song "Bitch don't kill my vibe" I am very sure Kendrick used the beat to this song since that wasn't released until 2013 and the Mieksneak album in 2012 of the summer. Mieksneak got more of my attention with it released the 4th length titled "Joint" which were in very limited cassettes. Unfortunately for me it sold out so fast I didn't get a chance to get one. About 2 years since the release of "Joints" Mieksneak released a 5th length called "Sneak tape" which has a bunch of ideas he never planned to release "This is a collection of beats I never really planned on releasing, some old an some new, I guess its sort of a sound collage of the passed couple years of my life. Nothin special, not an official release." I was able to get my hands on the tape before it sold out. Although I see Mieksneaks mature sound grew within this release. The songs on the tape are not split individually so its a simple Side A and Side B track list (About 15 minutes each side). Mieksneaks latest release called "W/ Codeine" has got to be the finest looking tape to be released. It is clearly the greatest looking tape ever and to be self released Mieksneak really out did himeself into self releasing these tapes in a form of a red bottle prescription in the size shape of a cassette case with your name on it and information on this so called "Prescription" this is clearly the nicest looking tape that has come out this year. Mieksneak's W/ Codeine offers the excellent instrumental hip hop musician ship I have ever run into with such powerful beats that it lets the beats do the feels.

Sneak tape


Monday, April 18, 2016

Kite flying society

This band was a bit under the radar for me despite this being released by the same label that released The spirit of Versailles discography CD and In loving memory's discography LP here is another Discography CD by Init records. This discography contains all tracks as usual. The first two off the first 7" were originally straight off the record (Like it this way more) It's a pretty similar to both bands I have mentioned which is a typical like late 90's-early 00's screamo hardcore band. These dudes are also from Florida around the same time Carlisle and Reversal of man were active. The band put out 2 cd's and a 7" but the discography cd contains demos, unreleased songs and a few live songs as well. This cd is being sold at Init records website for 1 dollar which for a discography this is far off a good deal. You can pick a copy here. This one should be in your CD discography collection.

A discography

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Usurp Synapse

I bought the disinformation fix 2xCD a while ago for 9.99 at Amazon. It was new and possibly the cheapest price for the out of print CD I was able to get. When I got it I was crossing my fingers it wasn't a digipak or a gatefold piece of shit. Turned out to be this 2 disc gatefold thing and the worst was that those little nod things were broken and I cannot replace the part with another case because it is not a jewel case like as The spirit of Versailles discography CD so now I have place both cd's in this 2 disc jewel case I had in my closet and its all just fucked for the sleeves for this. I find it interesting how the band left a little note on the gatefold saying that if you want to see them do shows to invent a time machine. So this double compact disc has all songs from Usurp synapse including some last unreleased ones (Which are featured as the first ones off the first disc. I dig the hell out of discography cd's but this one is just too long and I can barely make my way at the end of the first CD. Usurp Synapse existed between 1998-2001 straight from Indiana the bands strong influence of grindcore and hardcore just gives out the full presentation of what Usurp synapse is all about. For such a short existence the band did a bunch of songs. Sadly it was all splits (I don't like split records a lot) I believe they made about 3 albums They played with other well known acts at the time such as Jeromes dream and pg. 99. There's a collateral mess of members switching out and stuff (I can't keep up with bullshit like that) the band did release a EP for free after 7 years of being broken up. The EP is entitled A Vile Contamina which was suppose to be released in 2004 but some shit happened so it never was physically released. They're aggressive, fast, loud and pissed. The ingredients of good stuff I would say. They did do a reunion in 2004 but I come to hopes of another one soon. Did I mention that one of their split records literally contained razor blades? Yeah it had razor blades that's how you know they weren't fucking around. Some song titles are a bit screwed up. I was too lazy to check but these are all just about everything they've made.

Disinformation fix (Bonus tracks included)

A Vile Contamina

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Reversal of man

Oh boy this is one I waited on because I did not have the discography CD. I want to be fair in the emo game and not in the floorboard game. Reversal of man... Hmm I remember jamming the shit out of the cd when I had them on my very first ipod. The band is hella memorable to me and obviously favorable. The band released a a few splits here and there. I only wanted the self titled 7" along with the Revolution summer 10" and the 12" of This is medicine. The discography cd almost has every split, comp and other stuff besides the last later splits after the cd was released. ROM was a pretty sick intense hardcore band with the roots of real fucking screamo. Not that weak shit. Florida had some good quality stuff around the time such as Carlisle, etc. Anyway, the discography is dope, Revolution summer is awesome and This is medicine is just insane but with much shorter songs. The insert of the 10" have a zine style with lyrics which is pretty fucking clever. The insert for this is medicine is pretty big almost like a tiny poster stapled as a booklet. While there's a bunch of mediocre reunion bands going around in 2016 Reversal of man would be one to stand out and be the contender of reunions in 2016 if that were to happen. I picked up the self titled 7" from that famous Armageddon record store in practically near mint condition for about 5.99. The other two records were also digged up from discogs. As for the discography I waited until someone was selling it in near mint for 5 dollars. CD's should always be in mint or near mint. Light scratches doesn't do it and the durability is not strong afterwards. I remember mentioning that playing a cd all the time causes it to get tiny scratches due to the laser reading the cd. They get worse until a crack forms and the cd is forever fucked, so I try no to play cd's all the time unlike records. If you haven't heard of ROM I would suggest to go with the discography download first since it has the earlier songs. I know they have more songs off the later last splits but I do not have that so you'll have to get that elsewhere. I am just being honest with my collection for this band. The song off the video is taken from one of the earlier splits which is on the discography cd.

Reversal of man 7"

Revolution summer 10"

This is medicine 12"

Discography CD