Thursday, April 28, 2016


Past few days have been pretty crappy. First it was the whole cancer scare then it was the constipation I had since Sunday but things got worse on Wednesday when I felt bloated and I didn't have any bowel normal movements and I started having a tiny cramp feeling. Luckily I went to the ER and I guess I gave all details of what I was feeling and what I saw on my stool it'll be too much info but I saw white specks on my stool which in the end he diagnosed me with normal constipation because I felt no abdomen pain, nausea, vomiting or blood in my last stools. So he gave me some stool softener laxatives and I had tried them. Definitely improved my bowel movements I had 3 today. Two in the morning and one at night. I have never suffered through constipation until now so I didn't know if it was a normal thing or not I am just glad it wasn't anything like IBS or something, well enough about me. This is another Atlanta band I wanted to share, well actually for a long while I have been wanting to post them but now it would be the right time to do so. I had discovered them years ago and I really enjoyed listening to these guys a lot. This band had existed between the mid 90's and from what discogs mentioned the releases they put out took place between 1995. As far as a discography the band put 4 7"s one being a split record with The hal al shedad, one song off the Placebo compilation (Next to Reversal of man) and two 7"s. They also have 2 unreleased songs that don't seem to be shared a lot around. I couldn't find any info to where these songs were originally from or if they're from some unreleased record. The insert on "By design" I really liked the sleeves for the most part and whenever I spin this record I tend to look at it and read it every time (Silly habit I have with most records) as for the 2 unreleased songs I am not sure if they were intended for some unreleased split, compilation, 7" or demo. Anyways, the band kicks as much as the others from the scene. I really enjoy the bands 2 records from their own the most. The blogspot "Beyond failure" has more info on Inkwell and the Atlanta scene you should really check out and read.

All 3 7"s By design (First press), The hal al shedad split (Second press) and Shine so bright 7" (Second press)
Inkwell *By design 7" *Split 7" w/ The Hal Al Shedad *Shine so bright 7" *Placebo compilation *2 unreleased songs

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