Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Usurp Synapse

I bought the disinformation fix 2xCD a while ago for 9.99 at Amazon. It was new and possibly the cheapest price for the out of print CD I was able to get. When I got it I was crossing my fingers it wasn't a digipak or a gatefold piece of shit. Turned out to be this 2 disc gatefold thing and the worst was that those little nod things were broken and I cannot replace the part with another case because it is not a jewel case like as The spirit of Versailles discography CD so now I have place both cd's in this 2 disc jewel case I had in my closet and its all just fucked for the sleeves for this. I find it interesting how the band left a little note on the gatefold saying that if you want to see them do shows to invent a time machine. So this double compact disc has all songs from Usurp synapse including some last unreleased ones (Which are featured as the first ones off the first disc. I dig the hell out of discography cd's but this one is just too long and I can barely make my way at the end of the first CD. Usurp Synapse existed between 1998-2001 straight from Indiana the bands strong influence of grindcore and hardcore just gives out the full presentation of what Usurp synapse is all about. For such a short existence the band did a bunch of songs. Sadly it was all splits (I don't like split records a lot) I believe they made about 3 albums They played with other well known acts at the time such as Jeromes dream and pg. 99. There's a collateral mess of members switching out and stuff (I can't keep up with bullshit like that) the band did release a EP for free after 7 years of being broken up. The EP is entitled A Vile Contamina which was suppose to be released in 2004 but some shit happened so it never was physically released. They're aggressive, fast, loud and pissed. The ingredients of good stuff I would say. They did do a reunion in 2004 but I come to hopes of another one soon. Did I mention that one of their split records literally contained razor blades? Yeah it had razor blades that's how you know they weren't fucking around. Some song titles are a bit screwed up. I was too lazy to check but these are all just about everything they've made.

Disinformation fix (Bonus tracks included)

A Vile Contamina

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