Monday, April 18, 2016

Kite flying society

This band was a bit under the radar for me despite this being released by the same label that released The spirit of Versailles discography CD and In loving memory's discography LP here is another Discography CD by Init records. This discography contains all tracks as usual. The first two off the first 7" were originally straight off the record (Like it this way more) It's a pretty similar to both bands I have mentioned which is a typical like late 90's-early 00's screamo hardcore band. These dudes are also from Florida around the same time Carlisle and Reversal of man were active. The band put out 2 cd's and a 7" but the discography cd contains demos, unreleased songs and a few live songs as well. This cd is being sold at Init records website for 1 dollar which for a discography this is far off a good deal. You can pick a copy here. This one should be in your CD discography collection.

A discography

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