Monday, April 25, 2016

All these fingers

I have some free time today as well, decided not to go to my sexual development class today so I cut that down today. I thought I'd do another of these misc posts, I promise I will keep this one short. if you don't like my instrumental recommendations I am sorry. All these fingers has its own signature style that is far apart from how Mieksneak sounds. ATF has been releasing a bunch of stuff on bandcamp that it's just insane on the many releases. I will also mention them here since I happen to own one tape and a shirt release on one of the lengths as well from ATF. ATF hails from Michigan and not California. The dude has self released a few tapes although I never got any chance to pick any up except for "The canteen tape" which is still available for sell on the bandcamp website. This is another worthy on the instrumental hip hop stuff checking out.

The canteen tape

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