Sunday, June 21, 2015


Another Crank! release (I hope you guys aren't annoyed but I happen to own this record) This is the official first Crank! release under "Crank! A record company" while Vitreous Humors Harbor 7" would be the first that one is under a different name before changing it to Crank! Honestly this 7" single isn't fancy but does have a much pop rock/happy indie rock vibe but this also fits the category for Crank! just like UNI-V, Uncrush, Far apart and Vitreous humor. The band did in fact released a few other stuff but this is the only thing I can dig from the band. I was lazy to rip this record but I took a photo of proof that I did (hehehe) I couldn't find any mp3's so might as well do it myself don't you agree? My copy didn't come with any lyric or info insert just a Crank! catalog with the first 7 or 8 Crank releases including Vitreous Humors Harbor, self titled and split 7" with Boys life, Boys life self titled, Mineral's The power of failing and some other splits I can't say I am familiar or fond with. Enjoy this rip from the fucking emo nerd. I am also not sure if this band is called Daisies or The Daisies since the record doesn't have "The" but in other parts of the internet they are also referred as The Daisies.

Aeroplane day b/w Purple & green 7"

A petal fallen

I'm still alive and I took some time off today for this, I also got my Acrobat down 5 11 8 6 7" copy from France so I finally have all vinyl releases to that band. This band though is very similar and is obvious familiar with bands like In loving memory, The Hareste, The spirit of versailles and all those bands to catch my drift. The band also does a little something of their own so they aren't a copy band. They began in the early 2000's and I think they lasted about 3 to 4 years. They released 2 tour demos and a self titled 10" under the same label "Friends forever records" that released the split 7" record with Die emperor, die!/Burned out bright. Although I only own these 2 records the label did a neat job with this one. A petal fallen could have done more than just this 10" that is the official bands release and close to a debut EP of some sort. There's been rumors the band did a split record but I have not heard of such thing so I can't give you a honest answer for that. All 4 songs on the 10" stand out more than the demos. Some songs from the demos that did not make it on the 10" sound more like a earlier version of what this band was looking for simply meaning the band was experimenting during those releases (Mainly the 4 song demo) I ripped the 10" because one of the songs you can hear that during the time of the songs being encoded whoever ripped it interrupted the recording with a signal that appears to be a text message and I found that annoying and plain dumb for not redoing it again. So this version does not have that interruption. The 10" insert comes with lyrics but what is very unique of this insert is that the lyrics are written in many languages but because the insert is tiny the insert says you need a magnifying glass to read them. I find it a bit annoying but at the same time very interesting for putting the effort. If you are a dad happy fathers day and I present this as a gift.

Tour Demos
A petal fallen 10"

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Vehicle Birth

I've been wanting to post this band since the beginning of this blogspot but I had to wait, why? I only owned Tragedy in CD format and Limousine. This band is one of the rare gems of the 90's simply for self releasing all of the few releases they did. The band did managed to pull a debut length that was also self released in 12" format, they did a tour for it in '96 I think (The band might have only been active during 1994-1997) Crank! A record company liked the record so much they repressed it on 12" again and a CD format (That I have) The band did a few rare unreleased and compilations to. They give a amazing slow indie rock vibe (they are also perfect for the Crank catalog) There isn't any mp3's for the 7"s and split so I had to rip those (River 7" and the split 7" with The Wicked Farleys came today in the mail which is why I am posting this now before I forget) I even contacted the band and they didn't have the mp3's to anything. I really got myself dedicated for the hopes of finding these releases and doing it myself. If you like the bands I have posted that are Crank! A record company related you will fall in love with this one, one of my favorite songs would be the entire 2 7"s, Toronto (Off the split), Lifehighschool (They show more of a emo side) and Daycap from the Tragedy album. Tragedy has a mix of hardcore punk to indie rock and emo atmospheres it is almost the same as Audience of One's I remember when this all meant something (Which I also posted on here if you look at the bands section) The Vehicle Birth has had a few reunion shows recently in their hometown playing many of Tragedy songs along with some other ones, obviously there is a big change to the vocals but it's good to know they still have it. I may be missing another unreleased song or two though.
Limousine 7"

River 7"

The Wicked Farleys/The Vehicle Birth Split (I also added the compilations)


Goodbye, blue Monday

It is summer and yet the weather here in Long Beach is cloudy.. Actually it rained today morning, there is still a warm feeling outside with a cold windy pattern, it's fucking weird weather we have ever experienced but since it's summer I can share this band with you guys that actually read this. There are two bands called by the same name... This is the original mid 90's emo band. This band is pretty legit and I have been knowing them for quite a while. It is hard to say where I found them but my guess is probably lastfm. The band did a pretty neat demo tape (It was being sold at discogs a while back) the only reason I didn't bother with it was because its a demo tape and it is used, who knows how long the cassette would last me for so I never really looked into it but eventually that was sold. I did picked up both the self titled 7" and the split 7" with Across five Aprils (This is the original Across five Aprils, not the post hardcore band or whatever they are) as for AFA they only came on this split 7" being the closest release they did (Exception of the bands demo tape) GBM didn't last nearly long for a debut full length. Actually, both the split and the self titled were done around the same year giving a hint this band hardly lasted 2 or 3 years. I combined all 3 releases in one rar file within separate files cause I am lazy for individual files, nonetheless the 3 small releases are good overall. p.s expect the 2 songs from Across five Aprils on here as well, those two are very good. I also want to thank Desperate and lonely for providing these mp3's for us (I didn't rip it and saw no point since these have been around) it only be honest and fair to give credit to the original uploader.
Goodbye, blue Monday 7"

Goodbye, blue Monday/Across five Aprils Split 7"


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lautrec 7" (Ripped)

Lautrec 7"

Vinyl ripped versions of Portrait's records

Figures since I'm throwing these songs on youtube you can also download these versions I ripped. I do have a youtube channel under theangryemonerd. I also have more free time so this will be updated more often than before. So ya wanna make sure or subscribe to this blogspot/whatever.
Portrait 7"

Portrait 10"

All my chances 7"

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Carlisle was a super dope screamo/hardcore band from Florida in the mid/late 90's the band was some sort of project, they released a demo tape along with 2 7"s, they appeared in about 2 compilations and that's pretty much it... Tell me about it. The band released a discography cd through IFB records which contains the last new ones recorded sometime in 2005 (which is about 8) along with the comp tracks and 7"s and demo. They left a pretty gnarly discography they might have done a reunion around that time as well. Waffle head may be one of my favorite and most memorable ones from this band. I decided to give ya'll the vinyl version of the 7"s (I will be doing this now, I feel so cool about it) Some of the members were also in a short lived band called Rosalind who released a 2 song 7", one of the band members had contacted me a while back and also mentioned a 4 track tape of some sort but hasn't had luck finding it but was amazed that I actually own that bands 7" I ripped it out as well since there are no mp3's and after the past how many years? like 16 years? These 2 songs are finally gonna float around the internet, someone had to buy that 7" and rip it out. Might as well let the nerd take care of real business.
Carlisle 7"

Functions of several variables 7"

This Means Everything To Me

This here is Rosalind's 7" released on the same label from Carlisle's first 7" (Only about 3 releases were made on that label I own 2 and I plan on owning the other one sometime soon) They must've been very short lived from the looks of only releasing these 2 songs, I am surprised no one really talks about this band whenever they throw Carlisle out, this is also another important piece of the puzzle for emo cause this shit is very underrated and the song Auburn may be one of the most emo songs I have ever hears, ever.. In my opinion it tops I hate myself any day.. And that is saying a lot... Just be glad I own this copy and I ripped it to share with you guys. Please cry tonight to these. Rosalind 7"

Vinyl version of Empire state games 7"s

S/t 7"

100 years of baseball/Dialogue (From a movie) 7"

Vinyl version of The Pine's 7"

Since everyone is familiar with the CD version I thought it be nice to be one of the first to rip the 7" version

The Pine 7"

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Before I start to talk about them I will note that these are the vinyl version of the songs, NOT the digitals you are all used to or that other blogspots copy and paste I wasn't lying about my blogspot being different somehow. Anyways, this band started in the summer of 2009 (I was a senior at this time) the band got some attention from their local town and even around other places. This band did last a good while but they still didn't release a lot (Not counting the bands tour demo tape) one EP (pressed multiple times), one split 7", one debut full length and a final 2 song 7" some people may say the full length isn't the most favorite when all the releases are very good. One of my favorite modern labels known as Count Your Lucky Stars or under CYLS released the bands debut length making me giving the LP a lot of love. The band was suppose to play a house show here in Long Beach (it was my friends friends pad called "Cedar Haus" or House the house is located in the downtown area of Long Beach (BTW this was in December 2010) the show was canceled and moved somewhere in Los Angeles (what a fuck load) I think the bands name says it all on how they sound... Especially under songs like Sam Rudich, Kirk Cameron Crowe, Pump Fake and Scherbatsky. But that is just me. Anyways feel free to listen to the vinyl versions of the two 7"s and 12", they are pretty tight nonetheless. Fuck your emotional bullshit was originally in cassette then I believe in cdr and finally when Square of opposition did it on vinyl (And repressed it a bunch of times) Lauren Records also repressed it a few times recently (The version I own). Square and CYLS teamed up for the LP and also has been pressed many times in different color variations... Same thing can be said about the final 7". This band is recommended to new fans of the emo genre and older folks who grew up listening to emo when it began. You'd like these releases especially if you like songs that have the vintage sound hehe.
Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit 7"

I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted 12"

2 Songs 7"

Monday, June 1, 2015

Street Smart Cyclist

I know this band started somewhere in the mid 00's but I discovered them until 2009 a bit after Snowing became a band (Oh yeah Ill talk about that one next) Well SSC was somewhat of a short lived mathy-ish/Emo band that released a 3 song demo then released again on 7". The band put out a acoustic tour ep thing and finally the 2 last songs that weren't on physical (Or I believe they never did) Last year Topshelf did a single sided 12" discography of the bands little material I totally bought it so it can look good next to my Snowing record collection. I am not a huge fan of Topshelf (I heard they will do a press of Boys life Departures and landfalls I am excited about) It pretty much has that similar like Snowing sound but that's because it's the same vocalist "John Galm" I am not a expert on much of his stuff but I do enjoy both of these bands I would listen to often as a teenager. I thought it be nice to post a few modern bands for summer but don't worry I still have a lot of more rare old emo gem. Other blogspots might have mentioned this one but remember.. Mines is the cool one with the physical copies rather than a copy and paste of other blogspots. Yeah this post is just short. I don't have so much to say for SSC other than a short discography they left but because of it Snowing formed. If you don't know SSC it's a good summer to start jamming to them


I mentioned moneen on that last post and well to kill everyone's curiosity moneen was the very first emo band I heard. There's two stories to it, one of them being in summer of 2003 Moneen put out a music video for oven fresh and I had ran into it I remember I was enjoying the song so much but with my lack of music knowledge or internet they just disappeared from my thought for 2 years. Second one, my sister bought a shitty AMP mag and it came with a compilation cd and it had moneen's bleed and blister long version of the song and I was happy that I ran into them. Since I had no internet that was the only song I knew by them for a good while until I got internet and The Red Tree was coming out (Sometime in the summer of 2006) I really liked the bands singles on the album as for the rest of the red tree it was mediocre and I felt that Vagrant pushed them to change, even after seeing the documentary that was when I realized Vagrant sucks. I prefer this Canadian band sticking with its independent label Smallman records. The band's first three releases is where its at and how I remember moneen as. In 2000 the band released a 4 song ep under smallman entitled "Smaller chairs for the early 1900's" this ep was just a preview of moneen the ep was followed by the bands debut (and my favorite) "Theory of harmonial value" the band got attention from Vagrant so Smallman and Vagrant teamed up and released the bands second length and more known "Are we really happy with who we are right now?" I remember one of the engineers from Vagrant commenting on how it was "Almost perfect" fuck that asshole, it was perfect because Smallman was involved that is the only reason. The album is very depth and the meanings.. Well they are very emo. From relationships to death. The sound to it had much more space like sound effects and it starts out very strong. Moneen is known for having long ass song titles but nonetheless they are my favorite Canadian band to date. The red tree was fully supported by Vagrant (Smallman is no longer a active label I think) although the band hit hard with the song "If tragedies appealing..." after buying the cd when it was out I was a little disappointed but not as disappointing as the bands last album released in 2009 called "The world I want to leave behind" Moneen didn't sound like moneen anymore, it was a sad day. Although it didn't effect me as much by 2009 I was busy finding out of other bands (like the ones I have posted here so far) They disappeared afterwards while Chris "Hippy" and Peter are in a band called Seas while Kenny and Erik play in a hardcore band called "Cunter" both bands are okay but Moneen is no so easily forgotten. Not sure why wikipedia says that Erik is in seas when he is vocalist for Cunter. I used to own Are we really happy but the cd cracked sometime when I was in 11th grade (I heard it too much and I found out that the laser that reads the cd's will make markings that will slowly turn into scratches and finally cracks) R.I.P But I do have the other first two. I'd upload the red tree but I don't trust Vagrant. Dine alone records recently did a vinyl of Are we really happy but 20 dollars is stupid and paying 18 for shipping and no tracking is much more stupid... No Dine alone records... Just no. But if you happen to run into that album you should definitely check it out.
Smaller chairs for the early 1900's EP

Theory of harmonial value