Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Before I start to talk about them I will note that these are the vinyl version of the songs, NOT the digitals you are all used to or that other blogspots copy and paste I wasn't lying about my blogspot being different somehow. Anyways, this band started in the summer of 2009 (I was a senior at this time) the band got some attention from their local town and even around other places. This band did last a good while but they still didn't release a lot (Not counting the bands tour demo tape) one EP (pressed multiple times), one split 7", one debut full length and a final 2 song 7" some people may say the full length isn't the most favorite when all the releases are very good. One of my favorite modern labels known as Count Your Lucky Stars or under CYLS released the bands debut length making me giving the LP a lot of love. The band was suppose to play a house show here in Long Beach (it was my friends friends pad called "Cedar Haus" or House the house is located in the downtown area of Long Beach (BTW this was in December 2010) the show was canceled and moved somewhere in Los Angeles (what a fuck load) I think the bands name says it all on how they sound... Especially under songs like Sam Rudich, Kirk Cameron Crowe, Pump Fake and Scherbatsky. But that is just me. Anyways feel free to listen to the vinyl versions of the two 7"s and 12", they are pretty tight nonetheless. Fuck your emotional bullshit was originally in cassette then I believe in cdr and finally when Square of opposition did it on vinyl (And repressed it a bunch of times) Lauren Records also repressed it a few times recently (The version I own). Square and CYLS teamed up for the LP and also has been pressed many times in different color variations... Same thing can be said about the final 7". This band is recommended to new fans of the emo genre and older folks who grew up listening to emo when it began. You'd like these releases especially if you like songs that have the vintage sound hehe.
Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit 7"

I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted 12"

2 Songs 7"

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