Monday, June 1, 2015


I mentioned moneen on that last post and well to kill everyone's curiosity moneen was the very first emo band I heard. There's two stories to it, one of them being in summer of 2003 Moneen put out a music video for oven fresh and I had ran into it I remember I was enjoying the song so much but with my lack of music knowledge or internet they just disappeared from my thought for 2 years. Second one, my sister bought a shitty AMP mag and it came with a compilation cd and it had moneen's bleed and blister long version of the song and I was happy that I ran into them. Since I had no internet that was the only song I knew by them for a good while until I got internet and The Red Tree was coming out (Sometime in the summer of 2006) I really liked the bands singles on the album as for the rest of the red tree it was mediocre and I felt that Vagrant pushed them to change, even after seeing the documentary that was when I realized Vagrant sucks. I prefer this Canadian band sticking with its independent label Smallman records. The band's first three releases is where its at and how I remember moneen as. In 2000 the band released a 4 song ep under smallman entitled "Smaller chairs for the early 1900's" this ep was just a preview of moneen the ep was followed by the bands debut (and my favorite) "Theory of harmonial value" the band got attention from Vagrant so Smallman and Vagrant teamed up and released the bands second length and more known "Are we really happy with who we are right now?" I remember one of the engineers from Vagrant commenting on how it was "Almost perfect" fuck that asshole, it was perfect because Smallman was involved that is the only reason. The album is very depth and the meanings.. Well they are very emo. From relationships to death. The sound to it had much more space like sound effects and it starts out very strong. Moneen is known for having long ass song titles but nonetheless they are my favorite Canadian band to date. The red tree was fully supported by Vagrant (Smallman is no longer a active label I think) although the band hit hard with the song "If tragedies appealing..." after buying the cd when it was out I was a little disappointed but not as disappointing as the bands last album released in 2009 called "The world I want to leave behind" Moneen didn't sound like moneen anymore, it was a sad day. Although it didn't effect me as much by 2009 I was busy finding out of other bands (like the ones I have posted here so far) They disappeared afterwards while Chris "Hippy" and Peter are in a band called Seas while Kenny and Erik play in a hardcore band called "Cunter" both bands are okay but Moneen is no so easily forgotten. Not sure why wikipedia says that Erik is in seas when he is vocalist for Cunter. I used to own Are we really happy but the cd cracked sometime when I was in 11th grade (I heard it too much and I found out that the laser that reads the cd's will make markings that will slowly turn into scratches and finally cracks) R.I.P But I do have the other first two. I'd upload the red tree but I don't trust Vagrant. Dine alone records recently did a vinyl of Are we really happy but 20 dollars is stupid and paying 18 for shipping and no tracking is much more stupid... No Dine alone records... Just no. But if you happen to run into that album you should definitely check it out.
Smaller chairs for the early 1900's EP

Theory of harmonial value

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