Saturday, June 6, 2015


Carlisle was a super dope screamo/hardcore band from Florida in the mid/late 90's the band was some sort of project, they released a demo tape along with 2 7"s, they appeared in about 2 compilations and that's pretty much it... Tell me about it. The band released a discography cd through IFB records which contains the last new ones recorded sometime in 2005 (which is about 8) along with the comp tracks and 7"s and demo. They left a pretty gnarly discography they might have done a reunion around that time as well. Waffle head may be one of my favorite and most memorable ones from this band. I decided to give ya'll the vinyl version of the 7"s (I will be doing this now, I feel so cool about it) Some of the members were also in a short lived band called Rosalind who released a 2 song 7", one of the band members had contacted me a while back and also mentioned a 4 track tape of some sort but hasn't had luck finding it but was amazed that I actually own that bands 7" I ripped it out as well since there are no mp3's and after the past how many years? like 16 years? These 2 songs are finally gonna float around the internet, someone had to buy that 7" and rip it out. Might as well let the nerd take care of real business.
Carlisle 7"

Functions of several variables 7"

This Means Everything To Me

This here is Rosalind's 7" released on the same label from Carlisle's first 7" (Only about 3 releases were made on that label I own 2 and I plan on owning the other one sometime soon) They must've been very short lived from the looks of only releasing these 2 songs, I am surprised no one really talks about this band whenever they throw Carlisle out, this is also another important piece of the puzzle for emo cause this shit is very underrated and the song Auburn may be one of the most emo songs I have ever hears, ever.. In my opinion it tops I hate myself any day.. And that is saying a lot... Just be glad I own this copy and I ripped it to share with you guys. Please cry tonight to these. Rosalind 7"

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