Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Vehicle Birth

I've been wanting to post this band since the beginning of this blogspot but I had to wait, why? I only owned Tragedy in CD format and Limousine. This band is one of the rare gems of the 90's simply for self releasing all of the few releases they did. The band did managed to pull a debut length that was also self released in 12" format, they did a tour for it in '96 I think (The band might have only been active during 1994-1997) Crank! A record company liked the record so much they repressed it on 12" again and a CD format (That I have) The band did a few rare unreleased and compilations to. They give a amazing slow indie rock vibe (they are also perfect for the Crank catalog) There isn't any mp3's for the 7"s and split so I had to rip those (River 7" and the split 7" with The Wicked Farleys came today in the mail which is why I am posting this now before I forget) I even contacted the band and they didn't have the mp3's to anything. I really got myself dedicated for the hopes of finding these releases and doing it myself. If you like the bands I have posted that are Crank! A record company related you will fall in love with this one, one of my favorite songs would be the entire 2 7"s, Toronto (Off the split), Lifehighschool (They show more of a emo side) and Daycap from the Tragedy album. Tragedy has a mix of hardcore punk to indie rock and emo atmospheres it is almost the same as Audience of One's I remember when this all meant something (Which I also posted on here if you look at the bands section) The Vehicle Birth has had a few reunion shows recently in their hometown playing many of Tragedy songs along with some other ones, obviously there is a big change to the vocals but it's good to know they still have it. I may be missing another unreleased song or two though.
Limousine 7"

River 7"

The Wicked Farleys/The Vehicle Birth Split (I also added the compilations)


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