Sunday, June 21, 2015


Another Crank! release (I hope you guys aren't annoyed but I happen to own this record) This is the official first Crank! release under "Crank! A record company" while Vitreous Humors Harbor 7" would be the first that one is under a different name before changing it to Crank! Honestly this 7" single isn't fancy but does have a much pop rock/happy indie rock vibe but this also fits the category for Crank! just like UNI-V, Uncrush, Far apart and Vitreous humor. The band did in fact released a few other stuff but this is the only thing I can dig from the band. I was lazy to rip this record but I took a photo of proof that I did (hehehe) I couldn't find any mp3's so might as well do it myself don't you agree? My copy didn't come with any lyric or info insert just a Crank! catalog with the first 7 or 8 Crank releases including Vitreous Humors Harbor, self titled and split 7" with Boys life, Boys life self titled, Mineral's The power of failing and some other splits I can't say I am familiar or fond with. Enjoy this rip from the fucking emo nerd. I am also not sure if this band is called Daisies or The Daisies since the record doesn't have "The" but in other parts of the internet they are also referred as The Daisies.

Aeroplane day b/w Purple & green 7"

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