Sunday, June 21, 2015

A petal fallen

I'm still alive and I took some time off today for this, I also got my Acrobat down 5 11 8 6 7" copy from France so I finally have all vinyl releases to that band. This band though is very similar and is obvious familiar with bands like In loving memory, The Hareste, The spirit of versailles and all those bands to catch my drift. The band also does a little something of their own so they aren't a copy band. They began in the early 2000's and I think they lasted about 3 to 4 years. They released 2 tour demos and a self titled 10" under the same label "Friends forever records" that released the split 7" record with Die emperor, die!/Burned out bright. Although I only own these 2 records the label did a neat job with this one. A petal fallen could have done more than just this 10" that is the official bands release and close to a debut EP of some sort. There's been rumors the band did a split record but I have not heard of such thing so I can't give you a honest answer for that. All 4 songs on the 10" stand out more than the demos. Some songs from the demos that did not make it on the 10" sound more like a earlier version of what this band was looking for simply meaning the band was experimenting during those releases (Mainly the 4 song demo) I ripped the 10" because one of the songs you can hear that during the time of the songs being encoded whoever ripped it interrupted the recording with a signal that appears to be a text message and I found that annoying and plain dumb for not redoing it again. So this version does not have that interruption. The 10" insert comes with lyrics but what is very unique of this insert is that the lyrics are written in many languages but because the insert is tiny the insert says you need a magnifying glass to read them. I find it a bit annoying but at the same time very interesting for putting the effort. If you are a dad happy fathers day and I present this as a gift.

Tour Demos
A petal fallen 10"

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