Sunday, January 29, 2017


It's raining heavily outside and well I'm stuck here with nothing better to do. Some areas are flooded nearby. A while back I was looking at my CD's and I forgot I have about 4 copies of this one. For those who are not familiar with Littlebunnyrabbit, this was a hardcore/screamo band from Los Angeles that existed roughly in 2011. They released a 7 song demo cd. These were given out for free at radical friends records. When I had my own label at that time I also used these CD's which I happen to also give around. Only 4 survived and I still have them in top shape. The band has a facebook page but that's already deleted. They had plans for a 7" record but the band shortly disappear after this demo and a couple of shows. They didn't even have a actual final show to my knowledge. Theis demo is quiet forgotten but I am lucky to still have the mp3's I ripped from the CD. It's some pretty solid screamo you all have to really listen to. This stuff is similar to of Orchid/Tipping canoe/Reversal of man/etc. The CD sleeve is made of recycled sleeves which is neat. Everything else is like spray painted. The insert is a paper with the lyrics and little bit of info. It is quiet standard for a demo cd. I have no idea if members went on to form other bands since they disbanded out of the blue.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Future funk tunes: Aritus/Lola Disco

So I am just here with my dog and I was listening to some future funk from my laptop. Thought it be a good idea to add some future funk stuff here again. I felt like adding 2 artists for todays and final post of the month. Don't worry I won't do this often. I know many of you come here for the emo stuff but I really just want to hook you guys up with some mp3's I have on this.

Aritus has done some catchy stuff, pretty great collaborations I have seen. He has done a EP called Walkingman, a split EP tape with Fibre, a bunch of singles and has recently done a compilation. As usual the singles and the comp track are probably the best. One of the more noticeable tracks are Veii, Spirit, Don't want cha and Fives.


Don't want cha

Walkingman EP
Virtues EP

Next up we have Lola Disco, this is probably one of the best stuff with a new single that is up (Totally not paying 2 bucks for a mp3 track) I did gathered some of the few finest tunes. Among the list "Everyday" made is on the file. Definitely one of my favorites from 2016. The file is much shorter since there is like less than 6 songs so it shouldnt be so bad checking this one out.

Singles+Leaves comp track

Saturday, January 21, 2017

I hate myself

I kinda had a shit day and I don't know how else to take my mind off it. So I'm back here for a new post and well, to keep myself busy this Saturday night. I remember posting this but it must have been deleted somehow? I swear I remember posting this. This band was active in the late 90's in Florida and had few releases with no actual titles. Last year 10 songs (11 songs) was pressed on wax and I got the chance to get me a copy. 11 songs was only on CD until now. I mostly jam between 4 songs, the split with twelve hour turn and 2 songs. 11 songs is good but I find 2 and 4 songs more interesting. I ran into this band in 2008 when a friend of mine burned a cd for me that had a few songs from them. Over the years the band has got some attention. Supposedly the band was going to release a album under "15 songs" it never happened. They did do a posthumous release called "3 songs" it didn't get much attention from me. I hate myself is the kind of band you listen to to beat yourself up for feeling some guilt of something wrong you did. I always found them to be that way. There has been multiple pressings for these records. I do like to see a collection of the 4 songs, the 3 songs from the split and 2 songs as a CD compilation one day.

4 songs 12"

Split 12" w/ Twelve hour turn

10 songs (A.K.A 11 songs) 12"

2 songs 7"

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Radio to Saturn

To make up for it since I was gone for a while here is a second post for the day. This was a short lived indie rock band I picked up this record from Rocket science records. Seems like there are no more copies of these. The band was active enough to pull this amazing 7" under a label of theirs or something (Only this record was made by the label) the 7" has glitter so I try not to fuck with it. The sleeves are paper and really well crafted. I admire the work of the looks on this 7". The band also made a split 7". The songs off their are more lo fi. The band happened to have also put a LP that was never released. They made a bandcamp so I happen to just share that than the record itself. Has all the few releases they made. I did uploaded video just in case you want to give this a quick listen



I am back with another post. I have been feeling slow lately. Been craving those buffalo fries from the buffalo stop (Local food with buffalo boneless pieces on the fries with some amazing sauce all over it) well, Monarcs was a hardcore/math rock band from Florida that were active in the mid 2000's. The band later evolved to Capsule (Which are fucking amazing as tits) after Monarcs and Capsule some members went on to form Guillemet and another band called New grass. Monarcs released a 4 song EP called Apocalyptic Bebop (It's so fucking amazing) they also released a split 7" with Osceola, a split 10" with Thank god and gathered early demos that were compiled in a CD called "Early recordings". We really need more bands like these today. The CD looks legit, I noticed a slight difference of the quality on the songs and it came to my attention that the EP was recorded in two different sessions. The split 7" with Osceola the 7" is pretty plain and simple. It is also one of the few releases from Osceola as well that was on wax.

Apocalyptic Bebop EP

Split 7" w/ Osceola (Thank god split songs included)

Early recordings CD

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Straight, no chaser

I have little info on this band. I discovered them when I got this record for free that came with another record I had purchased. I heard it and loved it. I tried finding more about them and came across a LP of theirs from 2006 I also bought. Soon after someone sent me this bands entire discography. The tracks have no titles but the first 6 songs are from the LP and the final song is the entire 7" in one single track. The rest... I don't know what releases they were in but the band seemed to have made more than just a 7" and 12". The band is like Monarcs/Capsule math rock/hardcore type. Intense.. Fast.. Mathy. They began in 2005, I finally know that the band released more than just that. They had a 2005 demo, a six song self titled CD and I think the self titled LP is the same as the self titled CD since its 6 songs. There was a 3 song 3rd self titled CD. A tour demo and some unreleased songs. All this stuff was deleted off mediafire but luckily some dude sent me these songs. I would have posted the 6 songs off the LP and the 4 songs from the 7" but not the rest. Honestly the dudes who pull off the riffs in this band are fucking good. I think the band is from New York. The band might have disbanded in 2010 or somewhere around there.

Self titled LP (2006)

Self titled 7" (2009)


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Stop it!!!

This blogspot has been active since January of 2015, my first post was on Ghost towns next to Lautrec since they both shared a split record. Times gone steady overall. I've been so far with this blogspot its kinda of a hobby/accomplishment for me to be the bigger kid showing the stuff. When I was a kid I loved checking out some blogspots and reading/gathering info, listening to bands and overall fascinated with the stuff being thrown at me as a free download. Especially when it came down to personal records from people. This band reminds me a little of Kidcrash and Matsuri. The band is from Virginia that began in 2002 with a Demo, the demo was pressed on CD and 10" vinyl from 2 separate labels, one being UK label Life in a box that did the 10" and another called Waking records that did the CD. The following year the band released their debut and only full length called Self made maps which I happen to have the CD format. This was pressed multiple time on vinyl between 2 different labels which are Robotic empire and The perpetual motion machine. They came out in 4 different compilations between 2003 and 2004. They were in another compilation in 2006 as well so perhaps the band might have been active in 2006? I think the demo is where the super good Matsuri-esque is at.

Demo 10"

Self made maps CD+Comp track

Future funk

By having one person asking me to do this I can't refuse, this specific tag will focus only on my guilty pleasure of future funk tunes. Now that it's 2017, times changed. Do not worry tough I will still post so many emo posts for this year. So what is future funk? Basically a more samples borrowed from 80s music with loops and a hint of french house vibe. I do not know how this emerged from the terrible trend of vaporwave. Some of this stuff isn't even downloadable but I do happen to have a extension that downloads any soundcloud track. Story goes, I began listening to future funk sometime in early December of 2015. Easily loved it and I quickly headed towards the direction of some of my favorite artists. One of the first artists I got into was Desired.

Somehow I was thrown to Supersex420's compilation song "Lovelikenow" along with some other songs such as "Sasha grey" and "Da booty brigade". THis easily got me more interested with the scene. I ended up making a soundcloud for this reason only. Unfortunately for the scene. A lot of these artists end up on some vaporwave label that sells tapes for 9-10 dollars all because many believe running a non profit label is like a job where you're suppose to make money. It's a real shame.

As my first segment I want to bring these 2 artists for now (Even though I have brought up ConsciousThoughts cassette on here) for anyone interested in this genre feel free to listen to something a little new and fresh. For the first time ever, I don't recommend anyone supporting these labels that are scamming people. It is preferred for you to download this and burn cd's or make tapes of your own. As for Desired, I think the guy got much better during his later singles off soundcloud which I uploaded some of the best ones that are not Japanese disco (Can't stand that, sounds weird) Lovestory is okay but I would totally for for the singles file first.

Singles off of soundcloud

Supersex420 had disappeared for a while, recently the dude came out in a compilation not to long ago called Future society II (I will likely post the whole thing up) Some future funk artists has their flair which you can tell who is who, 420 has its own flair. I basically bunched up all the good songs in one file.
Singles collection