Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I am back with another post. I have been feeling slow lately. Been craving those buffalo fries from the buffalo stop (Local food with buffalo boneless pieces on the fries with some amazing sauce all over it) well, Monarcs was a hardcore/math rock band from Florida that were active in the mid 2000's. The band later evolved to Capsule (Which are fucking amazing as tits) after Monarcs and Capsule some members went on to form Guillemet and another band called New grass. Monarcs released a 4 song EP called Apocalyptic Bebop (It's so fucking amazing) they also released a split 7" with Osceola, a split 10" with Thank god and gathered early demos that were compiled in a CD called "Early recordings". We really need more bands like these today. The CD looks legit, I noticed a slight difference of the quality on the songs and it came to my attention that the EP was recorded in two different sessions. The split 7" with Osceola the 7" is pretty plain and simple. It is also one of the few releases from Osceola as well that was on wax.

Apocalyptic Bebop EP

Split 7" w/ Osceola (Thank god split songs included)

Early recordings CD

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  1. new grass and guillemet aren't related to capsule or monarcs, they just sound similar