Saturday, January 21, 2017

I hate myself

I kinda had a shit day and I don't know how else to take my mind off it. So I'm back here for a new post and well, to keep myself busy this Saturday night. I remember posting this but it must have been deleted somehow? I swear I remember posting this. This band was active in the late 90's in Florida and had few releases with no actual titles. Last year 10 songs (11 songs) was pressed on wax and I got the chance to get me a copy. 11 songs was only on CD until now. I mostly jam between 4 songs, the split with twelve hour turn and 2 songs. 11 songs is good but I find 2 and 4 songs more interesting. I ran into this band in 2008 when a friend of mine burned a cd for me that had a few songs from them. Over the years the band has got some attention. Supposedly the band was going to release a album under "15 songs" it never happened. They did do a posthumous release called "3 songs" it didn't get much attention from me. I hate myself is the kind of band you listen to to beat yourself up for feeling some guilt of something wrong you did. I always found them to be that way. There has been multiple pressings for these records. I do like to see a collection of the 4 songs, the 3 songs from the split and 2 songs as a CD compilation one day.

4 songs 12"

Split 12" w/ Twelve hour turn

10 songs (A.K.A 11 songs) 12"

2 songs 7"


  1. I wouldn't be able to stop my self-harm without them , Glad you covered them. They deserve a lot more attention than what they actually get.