Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Future funk tunes: Aritus/Lola Disco

So I am just here with my dog and I was listening to some future funk from my laptop. Thought it be a good idea to add some future funk stuff here again. I felt like adding 2 artists for todays and final post of the month. Don't worry I won't do this often. I know many of you come here for the emo stuff but I really just want to hook you guys up with some mp3's I have on this.

Aritus has done some catchy stuff, pretty great collaborations I have seen. He has done a EP called Walkingman, a split EP tape with Fibre, a bunch of singles and has recently done a compilation. As usual the singles and the comp track are probably the best. One of the more noticeable tracks are Veii, Spirit, Don't want cha and Fives.


Don't want cha

Walkingman EP
Virtues EP

Next up we have Lola Disco, this is probably one of the best stuff with a new single that is up (Totally not paying 2 bucks for a mp3 track) I did gathered some of the few finest tunes. Among the list "Everyday" made is on the file. Definitely one of my favorites from 2016. The file is much shorter since there is like less than 6 songs so it shouldnt be so bad checking this one out.

Singles+Leaves comp track

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