Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Radio to Saturn

To make up for it since I was gone for a while here is a second post for the day. This was a short lived indie rock band I picked up this record from Rocket science records. Seems like there are no more copies of these. The band was active enough to pull this amazing 7" under a label of theirs or something (Only this record was made by the label) the 7" has glitter so I try not to fuck with it. The sleeves are paper and really well crafted. I admire the work of the looks on this 7". The band also made a split 7". The songs off their are more lo fi. The band happened to have also put a LP that was never released. They made a bandcamp so I happen to just share that than the record itself. Has all the few releases they made. I did uploaded video just in case you want to give this a quick listen


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