Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Future funk

By having one person asking me to do this I can't refuse, this specific tag will focus only on my guilty pleasure of future funk tunes. Now that it's 2017, times changed. Do not worry tough I will still post so many emo posts for this year. So what is future funk? Basically a more samples borrowed from 80s music with loops and a hint of french house vibe. I do not know how this emerged from the terrible trend of vaporwave. Some of this stuff isn't even downloadable but I do happen to have a extension that downloads any soundcloud track. Story goes, I began listening to future funk sometime in early December of 2015. Easily loved it and I quickly headed towards the direction of some of my favorite artists. One of the first artists I got into was Desired.

Somehow I was thrown to Supersex420's compilation song "Lovelikenow" along with some other songs such as "Sasha grey" and "Da booty brigade". THis easily got me more interested with the scene. I ended up making a soundcloud for this reason only. Unfortunately for the scene. A lot of these artists end up on some vaporwave label that sells tapes for 9-10 dollars all because many believe running a non profit label is like a job where you're suppose to make money. It's a real shame.

As my first segment I want to bring these 2 artists for now (Even though I have brought up ConsciousThoughts cassette on here) for anyone interested in this genre feel free to listen to something a little new and fresh. For the first time ever, I don't recommend anyone supporting these labels that are scamming people. It is preferred for you to download this and burn cd's or make tapes of your own. As for Desired, I think the guy got much better during his later singles off soundcloud which I uploaded some of the best ones that are not Japanese disco (Can't stand that, sounds weird) Lovestory is okay but I would totally for for the singles file first.

Singles off of soundcloud

Supersex420 had disappeared for a while, recently the dude came out in a compilation not to long ago called Future society II (I will likely post the whole thing up) Some future funk artists has their flair which you can tell who is who, 420 has its own flair. I basically bunched up all the good songs in one file.
Singles collection

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