Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Caught in the fall

Before I go on a mini rant with this band I missed some other releases from this year that I had a chance to catch up with before I forget. Other honorable mentions I want to include on my list of records this year are Renounced- Theories of despair, Clearer the sky- Held in merciful light, Terrifying girls high school- S/T EP and Pens/Leer split (I thought this was going to be released in January 2016 but I got my copy about a week ago. Definitely check these out today.
Final post of the year. Caught in the fall was a screamo/hardcore band from the early 00's from Omaha, Nebraska. Active between 2000-2005, during their active time they released a 7", a split 12" and a debut LP. There was a 2 year gap with this band. They were active in 2000 but their debut 7" was released in 2002 I believe. It's possible they had some demos that aren't anywhere on the Internet. The split was a miss for me. It wasn't fully brought up to me until later. Their debut LP called "Act IV" was one of their more known releases (or at least for me) someone sold me a rare press of the record for like 8 dollars. Pretty crazy huh. There are 2 different pressings of the CD. One is in a jewel case which I see often and the other is this weird ass one which I have (It look a bit shit but handmade nonetheless) Act IV is a bit more aggressive than the 7". I feel that the split is in between the 2. Pretty straight forward screamo with some similarities like the spirit of versailles guitars or a much lighter slower Jeromes dream tone.

Romance, Revenge And Rock And Roll ‎7"

Act IV 12" (Test press)/CD

Split LP W/ Eyes of Verotika

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  1. The 7" was act II, the split LP was act III. Our first release was a demo which is in fact nowhere online. For the best.