Friday, December 2, 2016

Ten grand/The Vidablue/Brazil

First post for December. I lined up some great albums of the year which I will post in a week or two. There are a couple of comebacks as well as a couple of new bands. It looked short at first but a lot of this stuff came out last minute. Anyways, this was one of those strange bands that just has so much attraction, vocally different and just overall a difference between most bands I have posted on here. This band was from Iowa which formed somewhere between the mid/late 90's which was firstly known as The Vidablue. Vocalist/Guitarist Matthew Davis was in another previous band called Brazil. Brazil only made 2 demo tapes before disbanding and joining The vidablue. It might have also been during The vidablue too. They released 2 splits, one self titled 7" and 2 full lengths under this name. One of the albums "The comprehensive list of everyone who has done anything wrong to us" was later re-issued as Ten grand. This record was also part of Level plane records but only the first press that is as "The vidablue". The guy from stickfigure has the CD's for 5 dollars. Init records first release was a compilation CD of The vidablue's demo (Remastered) along with the splits and other tracks known as "What I should have said vol. 1" The founder of Init records really wanted to listen to these songs in his car that he decided to run a label and put these on CD. This CD is long out of print. In 2002 they went with Ten grand. They repressed their first self titled 7" and named it "Difference" along with the second full length. They made 2 splits (One being a posthumous release in 2004) and their 3rd and final album "This is the way to rule" all in 2002. on August 10, 2003 Matthew Davis passed away. When I found this band 5 years ago I heard a bunch of different stories until I found out he died in his sleep (I know people who died like this) the members were in shock and just couldn't react to it because it was a instance of what just happened. They left a pretty decent collection of songs that will forever be remembered by me. One of my favorite release will be The comprehensive list mainly because those were the first songs I heard by them. All of this is about 423 mb. It's a lot of shit I added on here for this post. There are some articles on this band here and also here. There's also a page of the band that has some photos, flyers, etc you can check here.
As Brazil
Demo tape
Love lost her job today

As The Vidablue
Demo tape

Split w/ The Khayembii Communiqué
What I should have said vol. 1

Our miracle point of contact

As Ten Grand
The comprehensive list of everyone who has done anything wrong to us

This is the way to rule

Ten Grand Split songs (W/Mike Lust and Meth and goats)

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