Monday, November 28, 2016

At the drive in

A reminder for anyone that visits, I do not take recommendations this is even stated on my blogspot. I keep getting emails from people/bands to post their music on here. Again, this blogspot particularly focuses on my own personal collection. I recommend you going to other same old been there type of blogspots like Sophie's floorboard that take recommendations. SF's blogspot beat me to it but no worries I got some of these CD's. Not many of you suspected if posting ATDI huh? Well a bit before my moneen craze 11, 12 or something years ago I found myself liking this band a lot. My sisters friend had made a mp3 cd that contained every song from this band. Too bad my sister missed out on this band. When I first heard of this band I thought At the drive in was some weird compilation because every album sounds different. One of the earliest and favorite albums I loved a lot from this band has to easily be Acrobatic tenement. It is the most memorable one for me. The band started in the early 90's with a 7" then a second 7" afterwards. Those 2 releases were under Western breed records, I have no clue what this label is all about but it is a shame these were never pressed. Alfaro vive carajo was repressed as a CD which includes a 5th song in this press version from 2000 I think. There was a huge shift when they made Acrobatic tenement. Their debut is most definitely my favorite of theirs. The band went on to release El gran orgo EP, this EP contains 6 tracks in which they rather have people downloading it for free since the label they worked with scammed them in some way. The band got more popularity in their second LP called "In Casino Out" I would say this is my second favorite. After some time the band released another EP called Vaya unfortunately for me this EP is quite forgetful. They released some splits and promo singles which this led to their final album that got more recognition "Relationship of command" this album is pretty good but its not one of their best ones. They were getting pretty big afterwards they even started playing on tv. The band broke up shortly after they split between 2 bands Sparta and The mars volta. It seems that The mars volta's first EP and first full length was what could have happened if ATDI was still together. Last few years the band has been playing again here and there. About 4 years later the band made a compilation CD entitled "This station is non operational" which has some picks between El gran orgo up to Relationship of command. The CD is a utter disappointment because compilation cd's are nothing but mix cd's you can make yourself. No songs from Acrobatic tenement and below made it to the CD and they did not even add a lot of the great ones. The only thing you will get out of this are like 4 unreleased b sides from In casino out. I don't know whether they will release a new album or not since The mars volta I think they got back together and both Cedric and Omar started another band a few years back (forgot the name) along with Omar doing his solo and some other stuff they all seem pretty busy these days for At the drive in to be a band again. I never got the chance to own any of their vinyl but I was lucky to have found some CD's of theirs (their full lengths) acrobatic tenement was originally only for a one time cassette press and CD it later on went to vinyl. I just hope you guys love at the drive in. I had 2 b sides from At the drive in between their 2 7"s it seems that the songs were never on Hell paso or Alfaro vive carajo but it seems like I lost these 2. Nope they were not on any of the releases they were unreleased b sides between both 7"s. The band has been stuck with me ever since I heard them when I was 13 this easily pushed me out of the zone where I simply was lost in this type of stuff. Luckily this band picked it up and 6 months later moneen helped in. Relationship of command the CD has some bonus tracks, I only put the 5 from b sides and such from This station is non operational.

Hell paso + Alfaro vive carajo EP
Acrobatic tenement

El gran orgo EP

In casino out

Vaya EP

Relationship of command
songs from This station is non operational that weren't in the other albums

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