Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Lately I've been sleeping throughout the day and working my graveyard shifts. I noticed I have more time to post here but my tiredness feeling doesn't allow me until I am practically awake. Waifle was those 90's emotive hardcore bands I just missed out on for a long while... Lastfm never pointed me towards this band. It's the sad truth I believe someone from the emo group mentioned them and then I had figured who they were almost a year or 2 ago. The band had a couple of other releases but it was away from the whole emo concept they first were as. I think they headed towards some hardcore/metalcore of some sort after the bands debut 12" I have here presented. I tried finding any blogs that has mentioned this band but I didn't run into links. I was very lazy to convert both the 7" and LP but I got through it in a hour a few months back. I really love the idea of the works on the bands LP cover sleeve. It's a cardboard which is cut up nicely that resembles the bands sleeve and has some nice stuff all over which I would say for a DIY hands on LP this was done at perfection through sweat. I am sure the band worked very hard on these. The band has a interesting sound which is obviously what you'd expect from a mid/late 90's screamo band but for sure is Waifle sounds like Waifle just like Jeromes dream sounds like Jeromes dream. I think I did a neat job converting the 7" and LP. My boy Ross from discogs had the 7" for 3 dollars while some other seller had a brand new sealed copy of the LP for like 5 dollars I think. This was another "Pay before listening" type of band. I jumped the leap of faith to see if Waifle had a lot of other good songs on the 7" and LP, they actually do. It has the same concepts of other screamo bands of its time so there isn't a whole lot of uniqueness but its another great band to add to your list and as I mentioned Waifle just sounds like Waifle. I think you get the most out of the first 2 releases with this band. Breakfast violence is like a pre to The music stops, both releases are identical. Hell, I think one of the songs off the 7" was re-recorded for the LP.

(Breakfast violence) 7"

The music stops, the man dies 12"

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