Wednesday, October 26, 2016


By December I will have a list of some good albums that came out this year. Honestly this list is a bit shorter. Not too many good emo records came out this year. Mostly just that pop punk "Emo revival" bullshit bands that claim to be emo have been getting more releases out. In other news I have updated my blogspot and posted a link to my youtube's page. Feel free and subscribe. I normally post songs but soon I will start a new segment of videos entitled "Emo discussions" where I will pretty much just talk a lot about some of the emo bands I have mentioned on here. This all starts next month. Here is the 4th and final for the FO releases I wanted to mention on here to end the posts for October. Yusuke was a hardcore/screamo band that had some pretty cool combinations that reminds me of some Shikari and Reversal of man (Pretty dope right?) The band released a demo, one ep and 2 splits. They had a second EP that was a bit of a posthumous release right when the band ended this summer. This discography tape is a bit of a different looking one. It comes with no case, just a warpped plastic sleeve with a large paper insert. As for the quality it can be same said as Celebration's tape its still enjoyable to listen to (I've had some far worse quality tapes but this one is still great nonetheless) I think Off cloud nine helped on both of the split records Yusuke did along with some other labels including Friendly otter which seems to have put the bands first self titled and 2 splits. If you like that whole late 90's/early 00's emotive hardcore loud stuff Yusuke is pretty good at it.

Discography tape

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