Thursday, October 20, 2016


Here is a third FO tape but isn't a discography. Celebration is a screamo band from Missouri who were a 3 piece but as of this year are now a 4 piece. Friendly otter released the bands first 4 song EP called Sompting which sounds like some Jeromes dream/Jesse Washington type of stuff. Off cloud nine records released the bands split 7" w/ Under a sky so blue. Both sides of the split are rad as hell. They also have a song on a compilation. The band has been quiet for a few months. This tape is pretty rad that its had a repress. The quality is a bit more poor than the rest of the FO tapes that I have. Its good nonetheless though but very short which is for the most part the biggest disappointment. The tape is very short. The 4 songs are not lengthy.

Sompting EP

Split 7" w/ Under a sky so blue

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