Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bird calls

I've been posting a bit less now, I'm tired and lazy as hell so now instead of every few days I will just post once a week or at least 2 posts during the same day a week. I am trying to finish off the friendly otter releases I had promised to post. Here is the second Friendly Otter tape I wanted to mention on here. Bird calls was a emo/punk band from London, UK. I think members might be related with other emo bands from there such as Soul structure, Plaids and What price wonderland. The band seemed to pull off 3 releases during its existence, a 8 song demo tape and 2 split 7" records. We are glad to see the band had a unreleased full length that made it in this discography cassette. I honestly prefer these final 8 songs a little bit more than the earlier ones. It pretty much sounds like any most emo bands from the UK honestly. The 8 songs demo sounds like Plaids. I had given them a chance when I heard some songs off Friendly otters bandcamp. Once I had digged it I got myself a copy of the tape. This tape comes in a regular tape case with a tiny insert of the track info. Nothing too special about it. Overall the quality is okay as Father figure's tape. You'll catch yourself nodding your head with this band. There might be some tapes available in some distros. I saw the tape at Ozona records during its 75% sale recently meaning the tape would cost you about the shipping price only or a bit less. It sold out by now. I posted 9 of their songs on my youtube account. Mainly the unreleased ones since I liked those the most.

Complete Collection Of Recorded Arrangements

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