Sunday, October 2, 2016

Second post on People's temple project

A second post for this amazing band. This year the band had put out about 2 releases. Last year they had a incredible split 7" with MRTEX (David's band from Zegema beach records) The 2 releases this year are a bit of a odd ball but just fascinating as hell. One of the releases is a lathe 5" and the cover is a children's book used as the sleeve. It's fucking gnarly. It features a odd instrumental and song on each side. The other release is the bands tour split demo tape with Sleeper wave which I also admire the work of Akashita corp's label. Overall this band reminds me of some Iwrotehaikus/Matsuri stuff or something. The demo CD contains the bands 4 song demo tape, their track from the ZBR comp and a unreleased track that I have not heard nor is it in the other bands stuff. I guess I have everything from this band up to date.
Demo CD

People's temple project/MRTEX Split 7"

Lathe 5"

Sleeper wave/Peoples temple project Split tour demo tape

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