Sunday, October 16, 2016

Father figure

For the next 3 weeks (Up to the end of October) I wanted to bring up 4 cool Friendly Otter Records releases that caught my eye. These are some pretty good tapes and are in fact discography stuff so you will get the whole package of the bands stuff on these posts. First I wanted to start off with a project band called Father figure. This band was a split between Two knights members and the later Flesh born. They seem to have started in late 2011 or early spring 2012. If I were to give in some similarities its almost like a Two knights/Innards type of stuff it gives some lo fi on the earlier releases and its actually pretty incredible. The band had put out a demo, a full length a EP and finally a split 7" with Marcy which seems to have been the only physical release the band made. It is some pretty good new/dead screamo I enjoyed while it was active. I am glad to see not many bands do much of the Innards carbon copy type of thing then Father figure could have been just another copy but the guitars are more strummyish and more harsh like toned that mediocre quality helps in. As for the looks of the tape its a envelope with a stamped cover. Its pretty okay overall I can't say nothing negative about it. I did add a plastic case on the tape just in case. There are 2 inserts one with little info and the track list. The quality is listenable, its pretty good to play a few times here and there. Overall Father figure is pretty lit and should be on here.

Discography tape

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