Sunday, January 29, 2017


It's raining heavily outside and well I'm stuck here with nothing better to do. Some areas are flooded nearby. A while back I was looking at my CD's and I forgot I have about 4 copies of this one. For those who are not familiar with Littlebunnyrabbit, this was a hardcore/screamo band from Los Angeles that existed roughly in 2011. They released a 7 song demo cd. These were given out for free at radical friends records. When I had my own label at that time I also used these CD's which I happen to also give around. Only 4 survived and I still have them in top shape. The band has a facebook page but that's already deleted. They had plans for a 7" record but the band shortly disappear after this demo and a couple of shows. They didn't even have a actual final show to my knowledge. Theis demo is quiet forgotten but I am lucky to still have the mp3's I ripped from the CD. It's some pretty solid screamo you all have to really listen to. This stuff is similar to of Orchid/Tipping canoe/Reversal of man/etc. The CD sleeve is made of recycled sleeves which is neat. Everything else is like spray painted. The insert is a paper with the lyrics and little bit of info. It is quiet standard for a demo cd. I have no idea if members went on to form other bands since they disbanded out of the blue.



  1. This bands fucking awesome!!! They have a MySpace page with a bunch of songs...highly recommend checking them out!

    1. I just checked. Seems like its the same 7 songs off their demo