Sunday, February 12, 2017


Here is another band I saw for the last time in January 2015 was it? or 2016? Sophie, La bella and Ten thousand leagues. While speaking of the show. Sophie was a band similar to Calculator. I think this show was their debut or one of the first ones but to conclude the band ended. They released a 3 song self titled EP on cassette. They did have more songs though, I at least heard about 2-3 others. Calculator was a band I had mix feelings when I heard them on the split CD they made with Moldar when I was 16 (Posted this split CD on Moldar's post). While I loved Moldar Calculator in the other hand wasn't so good. It wasn't until they compiled all of their songs into one LP called These roots grow deep which included the bands debut EP, the split songs with Moldar and even had other songs that were intended to be on a split with another great band during its time called John Cota. I ended up buying this record once it was reissued in 2013 since I didn't buy the first press when it came out. I have to say after a while I did not hear much about this band since their last release with Moldar in 2009. Sometime in 2011 this band came out with a new 7" called New forms. The band did a lot of shows during that time. As for 2012 I feel blank since I don't remember how active they were. But then they revealed a LP coming out. During GUID fest they played almost every new song from their new LP "This will come to pass" it was probably some of the best songs calculator made, the band matured and sounded more heavy like. I was pretty tired 10 minutes after their set due to La bella and Notongue getting me exhausted. I remember I felt like fainting and I was in the middle of everyone pushing each other. I am amazed I didnt collapse. By the end of the show my show buddy Eduardo had a lot of water and we both just chugged that big ass bottle. On the ride back home I looked out to the window and kept thinking to myself "This fucking record is going to make me scream" After a year the band was featured in a great split between other great bands like Itto, Innards and capacities. Something happened between the label and the band and told a few people not to buy it. I was pretty close to get myself one of these since I love Innards and Calculator but the songs on their split were a bit of a miss and not so memorable. Those songs from calc ended up on a 3 way split CD with some bands outside of the US. I did not know of this until their breakup. After some months the band did one of the final shows. One was in Oakland or something and the day before it was at Bridgetown at La puente. Members ended up splitting between the bands Crush, Ten thousand leagues and Never young. I was lucky to pick up their final 7" from that show but I do regret not getting their long sleeve shirt. They made a discography CD called "Everything" reason I did not get this is because the case/sleeve is paper and that seems too fragile for me. Calculator earned its way to my heart even though I used to kinda make fun of Jeff's screaming style during These roots but eventually it made me nod.

Last show (You can see me there)

These roots grow deep 12" (Demo songs included)

New forms 7"

This will come to pass 12"

Calc 7"

The sound of young America

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