Sunday, February 12, 2017


I've been sorting my life a bit which is a pain. I had finished college past August and now I am just waiting to get something in the mail which will be the ceremony for graduation date. Now that I will be getting my AA in general studies I am pretty happy to say for the least part that I walked down a path that was dream like. Now that I got school stuff out of the way I have been thinking of maybe moving to Arizona, Yuma sometime in a year or so and get away from the big city. Enough with life, Notongue (Also known as tongue was a short lived band from the bay between 2012-2013. It shared members of Calculator and Matsuri. The band released a 4 song tape and a 7" called Body+mind. I saw them once during the growing up is dumb vol. 1 fest next with other bands such as Calculator, La bella and Adventures that night. I talked to the vocalist about the 7" that night. He didn't give me a exact date but said sometime next month or so will the 7" be released. That night I believe they played about most of their songs. Dwanta was the most noticeable and the best experience to listen to live. I remember the crowd began dancing than moshing. Even I got in the groove and began to dance. It would definitely be one of the best shows I have seen. Notongue resembles similar to both previous bands I mentioned. I think the tape sounds more Matsuri influenced though. I was able to snag a copy. Shawn Decker of middle man records should be selling these still for at least 3 dollars. The 7" comes with a zine (Or at least mine did) Both the cassette and 7" were under Kyeo speaks (A label that was run by Mark from Moldar/Summer vacation/Winter break/Ten thousand leagues/Heritage unit) 400 copies of this record was made, 300 of them were as a normal press while 100 were promo's I am not sure about the difference between the 2. This is some pretty fucking good shit that just amazes me on how kinda pissed off I am because only 2 short releases were made.

Body+mind 7"

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