Monday, February 20, 2017

King slender's Demo tape

Matt who runs Creation of minerals blogspot is in this new band called King slender, after discovering them and really getting into this demo I asked Matt if he can send me a copy of this tape. I normally never ask. I believe this is the second time I have asked (First time was when Sleeper wave wanted to be on my blogspot I got their demo tape) Matt gladly sent me one and after a few days I received it. I know I haven't done a full review lately. I've been concentrated on full band/information type of reviews without much detail. I do apologize and I will get into details from now on. Before I get into the discussion I want to slowly take it there. King slender is a new screamo band from Philly. A new label I recently ran into called "Parking lot records" put this demo out. I am familiar with a couple of other bands from this label such a Absent, Massa nera, Fei lung and Kings girls. Without judging the quality of the demo tape the quality of the band is superb. It reminds me a lot of those early 2000's screamo bands kinda like The fiction or Off minor minus the jazz. Perhaps a much heavier Bright calm blue (From Asymmetry set) without the spoken words thrown. I shit you not if I had no idea that King slender is a new band I would think its from that era. The tape has its normal looks, pretty presentable if you ask me. I think Parking lot records did a pretty nice job on the looks of this tape. It isn't all that fancy but for a demo tape it looks pretty much like a extended play. The only way you can tell if it's a demo tape is due to the sticker label on the tape that says "Demo" the tape comes with a small insert with lyrics (Bonus points on this) I honestly don't care if the lyrics are printed on the j card or come in a photocopy insert way as long as there is a lyrics insert somewhere this is a good sign for any tape. I normally like to listen and read the lyrics. Likely in between zoning out to the meaning of the songs. It is part of the reason why I listen to physical copies because it not only has a meaning of having it physically but reading it physically engages me to be more focused on what I am listening to rather than hooking my ipod to the player and reading the digital lyrics from my ipod. As for the whole aspect presentation value both Parking lot and King slender on this tape it is pretty great overall I can't judge too hard or find anything to shit on. To even see a label sticker on this that is printed you can tell there is effort being put in this beauty. After listening to the demo tape I suppose I can talk about quality. I never reviewed any parking lot records tape (I might want to now that it got me interested with the quality of this demo) but after listening and reading the quality is actually well done. You won't hear that low kbps on the demo tape. This is pretty actually fucking good. I also want to add that a lot of tapes I have ran into have that very low to poor quality and for this tape the quality is good so you also get your moneys worth on this if you decide to buy a demo tape. You will not be disappointed on the quality of this demo tape. I do hope the same for past PLR release. Most demo tapes I have come across have a pretty poor dubbing quality which I don't really shit on a lot since it is a demo tape after all but for King slender this demo is superb and a amazing one to add to your collection. In the recent years I have backed out of the more modern emo/screamo bands due to the same hype of Algernon/Snowing/Empire empire/American football carbon copies but bands like King slender and even the other PLR's releases I have heard proves that it isn't lingering on too much on the old tradition of emo or trying to hard to do that weird "Twinkly" math rock indie rock that most bands claim it to be "Emo" but slowly redefining emotive hardcore using some influence from previous emo bands while at the same time showing effort that it is new. I know it sounds stupid and there is no better explanation. It is possibly that emo revival is actually reviving since most bands that claim to be part of this "revival" end up being some silly pop punk band that doesn't know that there are bands Innards or Coma regalia that are as "Emo revival" as it can be. We need more bands that have that nostalgic feel that also sounds refreshing at the same time and King slender proved it to me which is why I give this demo a 4/5. Good quality, as well as the engineer who recorded the band did a fantastic job to make this demo sound like a studio quality EP and for the label and the band themselves for taking their time on releasing and making music that shows its old roots of emo while making it refreshing to listen. Perhaps if this wasn't a demo and/or had more songs I would definitely give this a 5/5. There isn't much flaws I can point out on this spectacular demo. It is simply one of a kind you will own and to talk about it in 10 years. You can download and/or buy this bands demo tape from bandcamp. There is also another link to PLR's store on King slender's bandcamp.

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