Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cloud mouth

I remember Cloud mouth when their 12" called "That ghost is always with me" was out but I did not put much focus on them. Cloud mouth is something between the sounds of Notongue, Daniel stripped tiger and Cougar den. This band is pretty bad ass nonetheless. I tried scoring every physical release of theirs but the outcome ended with me not finding their 4 song demo. The band is from Chicago that was active between 2008-2011. They ended up putting a 4 song demo, a 2 song tape, a split 7" with Cougar den, a 2 song live split 7", a 12" and a 4 song 10" called Keep well. They also did a split 7" with 3 other bands. Out of those 3 I am familiar with Brighter arrows and Grown ups. Cloud mouth's track is also on the 12" so I had no need to spend a lot of cash on that self released split 7". As for the "Wrecked. A live 7" contains 2 songs off the LP that was released months after this 7" the 2 songs are live from 2 different sets from 2 radio stations. Just about their entire discography is equally good to me. I can't decide whether Keep well or That ghost is always with me is better than the other or the other way around. BEAR Records has copies of That ghost and Keep well for less than 5 dollars. It is your best chance to get it off of there, you can buy the LP here for 4 bucks and the 10" here for 3.20

Demo CDr

Freak/psych/fuck cassette

Cloud mouth/Cougar Den Split 7"

Wrecked. A live 7"

That ghost is always with me 12"

Keep well 10"

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