Sunday, January 8, 2017

Straight, no chaser

I have little info on this band. I discovered them when I got this record for free that came with another record I had purchased. I heard it and loved it. I tried finding more about them and came across a LP of theirs from 2006 I also bought. Soon after someone sent me this bands entire discography. The tracks have no titles but the first 6 songs are from the LP and the final song is the entire 7" in one single track. The rest... I don't know what releases they were in but the band seemed to have made more than just a 7" and 12". The band is like Monarcs/Capsule math rock/hardcore type. Intense.. Fast.. Mathy. They began in 2005, I finally know that the band released more than just that. They had a 2005 demo, a six song self titled CD and I think the self titled LP is the same as the self titled CD since its 6 songs. There was a 3 song 3rd self titled CD. A tour demo and some unreleased songs. All this stuff was deleted off mediafire but luckily some dude sent me these songs. I would have posted the 6 songs off the LP and the 4 songs from the 7" but not the rest. Honestly the dudes who pull off the riffs in this band are fucking good. I think the band is from New York. The band might have disbanded in 2010 or somewhere around there.

Self titled LP (2006)

Self titled 7" (2009)


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