Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Stop it!!!

This blogspot has been active since January of 2015, my first post was on Ghost towns next to Lautrec since they both shared a split record. Times gone steady overall. I've been so far with this blogspot its kinda of a hobby/accomplishment for me to be the bigger kid showing the stuff. When I was a kid I loved checking out some blogspots and reading/gathering info, listening to bands and overall fascinated with the stuff being thrown at me as a free download. Especially when it came down to personal records from people. This band reminds me a little of Kidcrash and Matsuri. The band is from Virginia that began in 2002 with a Demo, the demo was pressed on CD and 10" vinyl from 2 separate labels, one being UK label Life in a box that did the 10" and another called Waking records that did the CD. The following year the band released their debut and only full length called Self made maps which I happen to have the CD format. This was pressed multiple time on vinyl between 2 different labels which are Robotic empire and The perpetual motion machine. They came out in 4 different compilations between 2003 and 2004. They were in another compilation in 2006 as well so perhaps the band might have been active in 2006? I think the demo is where the super good Matsuri-esque is at.

Demo 10"

Self made maps CD+Comp track

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