Monday, June 1, 2015

Street Smart Cyclist

I know this band started somewhere in the mid 00's but I discovered them until 2009 a bit after Snowing became a band (Oh yeah Ill talk about that one next) Well SSC was somewhat of a short lived mathy-ish/Emo band that released a 3 song demo then released again on 7". The band put out a acoustic tour ep thing and finally the 2 last songs that weren't on physical (Or I believe they never did) Last year Topshelf did a single sided 12" discography of the bands little material I totally bought it so it can look good next to my Snowing record collection. I am not a huge fan of Topshelf (I heard they will do a press of Boys life Departures and landfalls I am excited about) It pretty much has that similar like Snowing sound but that's because it's the same vocalist "John Galm" I am not a expert on much of his stuff but I do enjoy both of these bands I would listen to often as a teenager. I thought it be nice to post a few modern bands for summer but don't worry I still have a lot of more rare old emo gem. Other blogspots might have mentioned this one but remember.. Mines is the cool one with the physical copies rather than a copy and paste of other blogspots. Yeah this post is just short. I don't have so much to say for SSC other than a short discography they left but because of it Snowing formed. If you don't know SSC it's a good summer to start jamming to them

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