Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Goodbye, blue Monday

It is summer and yet the weather here in Long Beach is cloudy.. Actually it rained today morning, there is still a warm feeling outside with a cold windy pattern, it's fucking weird weather we have ever experienced but since it's summer I can share this band with you guys that actually read this. There are two bands called by the same name... This is the original mid 90's emo band. This band is pretty legit and I have been knowing them for quite a while. It is hard to say where I found them but my guess is probably lastfm. The band did a pretty neat demo tape (It was being sold at discogs a while back) the only reason I didn't bother with it was because its a demo tape and it is used, who knows how long the cassette would last me for so I never really looked into it but eventually that was sold. I did picked up both the self titled 7" and the split 7" with Across five Aprils (This is the original Across five Aprils, not the post hardcore band or whatever they are) as for AFA they only came on this split 7" being the closest release they did (Exception of the bands demo tape) GBM didn't last nearly long for a debut full length. Actually, both the split and the self titled were done around the same year giving a hint this band hardly lasted 2 or 3 years. I combined all 3 releases in one rar file within separate files cause I am lazy for individual files, nonetheless the 3 small releases are good overall. p.s expect the 2 songs from Across five Aprils on here as well, those two are very good. I also want to thank Desperate and lonely for providing these mp3's for us (I didn't rip it and saw no point since these have been around) it only be honest and fair to give credit to the original uploader.
Goodbye, blue Monday 7"

Goodbye, blue Monday/Across five Aprils Split 7"



  1. Wow sounds like a more emo superchunk. I like this.

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