Friday, July 3, 2015


Well over the couple of days my record player (The one that turns all the stuff that I rip and post on here died on me) has a weird static-ish sound to the speaker so the speaker is fucked. I haven't attempted to fix it, or just yet but either way I'll get more records. Good side is that I was able to rip a bunch of stuff before it happened. Nuzzle was one of the few last bands I was able to rip exception of the No mas 7" (It was that moment I was ripping the 7" when it started fucking up. Luckily none of my records are damaged except for the extreme rare Lollycolumn 7" (Members of I am heaven) but I'll talk about that later. Nuzzle was a early/mid 90's indie rock band from Cali. Unlike Cars get crushed this band sticked to the indie rock sound on most of the bands releases. There's a shift between the bands last long play, but I never bothered buying that record and honestly that record is much of a rare find than what I did get (After all I am the fucking nerd) Nuzzle did some pretty amazing diy releases during the start. It's hard to tell which record is my favorite because the first 7"s and the first LP are so amazing. I never heard Nuzzle's self titled 7" along with Follow for now (During my rip of these that was my first time hearing them) I became aware of this band from a blogspot who happened to know much more about them than I did at the time (I must've been about 16 at the time) the guy from the blog only seemed to have ripped the bands second 7" Anchors astreigh and apparently he also owned a mixtape of the bands unmixed songs from San Lorenzo Blues (Which sound way better than the LP) the blogspot is called Pukekos you can read further more on this band and download that tape. Cool to be that first guy to post the bands other releases on the internet. The band ended sometime in 1999 but also released a posthumous 7" with No mas and another b side song that wasn't on the final LP. That's the 7" I wasn't able to rip but those songs appear on the tape Pukekos posted. This is actually one of my favorite 90's indie rock bands. This stuff hits home for me.
Nuzzle 7"

Anchors astreigh 7"

Follow for now 12"

No mas 7"

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