Monday, July 20, 2015


I mentioned Devices on that last part of El Minotaur's brief mention, Devices was a band I found long ago, then I forgot then I remembered again. After listening to the band's self titled I really liked what I was listening to (I think members of Jesse Washington might have been on this band but I'm not so sure) after messing around discogs I found this 12" very cheap exactly $4.69. When I got this 12" honestly it wasn't so fancy on the sleeves, I did like the diy insert for it but that's when I realized this 12" is a collection of the bands first two demos compiled. This is some other good underrated screamo stuff to get into, they released two split 7"s and a small pile of other demos. I think this might have just been a project since something about that was mentioned on the insert.

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