Friday, July 3, 2015


I recently discovered this band when I bought Carlisle's second 7" I bought it off the guy who ran this old label that released that 7" he gave me Versailles CD for free which was thrown in when I bought it. He also released Versailles final length. Upon hearing it I couldn't believe this stuff was from the late 90's The great axis was way beyond ahead of its time. It sort of reminded me of a much calm less screaming Bright calm blue mixed with Kolya's LP influences. I quickly digged this band, I was only able to get Versailles first 2 song 7" under Karl/Elder. The songs are much more chaotic and honestly I was able to dig that two when I spinned it for the first time. They also released a song on a split 7" with The Mercury program and a 7 track 12" entitled "Folly" (I've been looking for that one) Versailles will mind blow many of you on The Great Axis. The production of this CD is so good I am amazed how I didn't even know of this band until a few months ago, hell I can't believe no other blogspot has ever mentioned these guys. They've been forgotten until I ran across them. This is another post for some rare underrated finds. Some label under Plaster of Paris released Versailles first 7". It's DIY ass hell and there's no insert to it, just contact info slapped on and Versailles on the top. The label only released this 7" and that name quickly brings up Reversal of man's song.
Karl/Elder 7"

The great axis

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