Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rosalind's demo tape & Studio sessions

I've been getting stoned too often that I forgot to bring this up a few weeks ago. After leaving a photo on instagram of my Rosalind 7" one of the members found me and told me about some demos, I didn't think he would send them to me until like last month or something (I didn't know anything about instagram messaging) I have mentioned this short lived band so I don't need to do introductions for this band. So here is some of the bands more rare stuff; a pretty rough 3 song demo and 4 songs in decent live quality from a studio (The band had more than just two songs, about 6 I think if you include the demo ones) He asked not to share the dropbox file since he was going to delete it (Likely did by now) but I posted them on my own account so they can be shared around. The band still follows the same 7" style of routine.
Demo tape & Studio sessions

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