Friday, April 22, 2016


This will be a tiny new segment I will add from now on. since a lot of these titles are not emo related I will gather them all here on this specific label under Miscellaneous. I have some stuff that is pretty DIY but not in the emo/screamo thing. That being said let me first start off with some introduction, Mieksneak. I caught my eye in the instrumental hip hop stuff sometime in 2011 when I first heard Aly. From there I slowly hopped along the train finding other sources similar/slightly different along with a few labels or specifically one as of now but that will be told slowly. After Aly I found Mieksneak (Out here in California) on bandcamp and had 3 releases at the time (The first one was removed from the bandcamp) in the second release I noticed one of the songs is from Kendrick Lamar's song "Bitch don't kill my vibe" I am very sure Kendrick used the beat to this song since that wasn't released until 2013 and the Mieksneak album in 2012 of the summer. Mieksneak got more of my attention with it released the 4th length titled "Joint" which were in very limited cassettes. Unfortunately for me it sold out so fast I didn't get a chance to get one. About 2 years since the release of "Joints" Mieksneak released a 5th length called "Sneak tape" which has a bunch of ideas he never planned to release "This is a collection of beats I never really planned on releasing, some old an some new, I guess its sort of a sound collage of the passed couple years of my life. Nothin special, not an official release." I was able to get my hands on the tape before it sold out. Although I see Mieksneaks mature sound grew within this release. The songs on the tape are not split individually so its a simple Side A and Side B track list (About 15 minutes each side). Mieksneaks latest release called "W/ Codeine" has got to be the finest looking tape to be released. It is clearly the greatest looking tape ever and to be self released Mieksneak really out did himeself into self releasing these tapes in a form of a red bottle prescription in the size shape of a cassette case with your name on it and information on this so called "Prescription" this is clearly the nicest looking tape that has come out this year. Mieksneak's W/ Codeine offers the excellent instrumental hip hop musician ship I have ever run into with such powerful beats that it lets the beats do the feels.

Sneak tape


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